Enthusiasm and Vitality

People often discuss discipline. Productivity is the new focus.

We would all love to know how better to spend our time. Taking action on a discipline vitalizes your life. And as Joseph Campbell said, “vital people vitalize.” We are not only helping ourselves. We are helping others.

We have to save ourselves every day. Cynicism has a way of manifesting through lack of momentum or drive. Understanding just what it is that makes time disappear shows yourself and others how to live a fulfilling life. What other responsibility should we have?

Following enthusiasm is a way to help others. Once they see someone following their enthusiasm, it makes them think that it might be okay for them to do so as well. Not all will do it. Mostly probably won’t. That’s the nature of the beast and why it makes it so special when someone does stand up and demand some more for their everyday life.

Enthusiasm forms bonds between people. Those bonds are difficult to break, and one will never find themselves wondering what to talk about. There is always something to talk about. That is the easiest way to see eye to eye with someone. That is why team sports are so popular and how strangers can come together and enjoy the shared experience based upon their enthusiasm projected by the thousands.

Enthusiasm is vitality. That is the discipline. That is the focus.