Quality vs. Quantity

Why write a blog post every day? Seth Godin recommends it. Tim Ferris does not. The conflict between quality and quantity will never be settled.

Writing a post every day allows the writer to be reminded of his or her responsibility to write. Once it becomes a habit it resides in the subconscious always pressing and reminding. Writing a blog post every day makes one stop and ask the question: What did I notice today?

Writing less frequently allows for more time, obviously. Here, a longer form becomes the preferred format. Writing and rewriting come into play more. This method may require more discipline than it seems at first.

Neither of these choices are incorrect. The beauty of blogging is the lack of approved convention. Sure, there are suggestions out there but nothing as solid or final like MFA or APA guidelines.

That freedom can be intimidating only if one let’s it become so.

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