The Body of the Artist

Writers can have a tendency to neglect the body. That is a natural outcome of solitary pursuits.

One must always be with the pen and the page.

But the body is a tool as well and can be utilized to harness not only more creative power but also another approach to the process; the process applies to all things.

When we approach something new, we approach it as novices; it can be easy to get discouraged. When we are artists, we understand that there is progress in time. Showing this in multiple facets of our lives is the best way to demonstrate the truth of that idea. Athletics is a perfect for this.

Process gives a confidence and understanding of progress. Sometimes you will drop the ball. There are things that we can learn from those that had more time in the discipline. But again, that does not mean that we have nothing of value, as well. Our inexperience is an asset because it allows us to approach things in a way that might be considered unconventional. We make mistakes, and in those mistakes we remind those authorities what it was to be a beginner, sharpening their own skills, too.

Take time to understand the body. But not only that, choose an activity, sport, or something in which you can perceive the progress. There you will cultivate the health in both your body and art.

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