First post: So its been a week… (plus my background)

Leibel Hecht
Apr 23, 2017 · 3 min read

Hey all! So i’m officially beginning to document my journey (which began about 5 months ago) from newbie to professional developer :). I hope to write regular posts so that I can track my progress and give ya’ll a taste of my experiences here at the Dojo in Chicago. I hope you enjoy!

So first, here’s a bit about my background and prior coding experience for context. I studied in. Yeshiva ( and Rabbinic school until the age of 22 and I then worked in video production for about 3 years. About 6 months ago, I began to research web development and started learning to code. The first recourse that I tried was the Flatiron School’s bootcamp prep course. While it did teach me some of the basics, I didn’t really connect with the style and eventually jumped ship to freeCodeCamp. I was able to make a lot of progress on the site (which is absolutely fantastic) , but I realized that I really wanted to do a fully immersive bootcamp, so I began to research bootcamps in the Chicago area, and after applying to a few schools, I settled on the Dojo. (Maybe I’ll write about the admissions process in a different post). During the couple months before my cohort started, I spent time on Codewars and Colt_Steele’s Udemy Bootcamp. (I can already see that the time spent before the bootcamp will help me tremendously throughout my time here.) In addition, there is some coursework (mostly algorithm challenges) that the Dojo asks you to complete before the program begins.

Now onto blogging :)

It’s Friday and we’ve now completed week one of the bootcamp. This week we focused primarily on HTML and CSS, but more on that in a moment. I get to the Dojo at about 8:30am and I am far from the first one there. Class begins at 9 with algorithm exercises, where we do about 6 or 7 algorithms on the white board in pairs. From there we move on to a lecture for about an hour. The rest of the day we worked (through the online platform) on the coursework. The teachers are always there for you and they are GREAT!

This week we focused on HTML and CSS, so most of the projects involved looking at a screenshot of a web page and rebuilding it from scratch. (The platform has lessons and videos (which are great) for each new concept and then a project to submit. One point that was stressed was to make sure to map out your divs before beginning to write your code, and to be sure to limit the amount of divs used in your HTML.

Today, (Friday) was the belt exam. (The program has a belt exam for each stack where students must try to get a black belt, but the first belt, which is for Web Fundamentals is a Yellow Belt exam and is taken at the end of the first week.) We were given 4.5 hours to remake a webpage from a screenshot. We then sat in on another cohorts project week discussion where the instructor explained “user stories” and the students chose a website to recreate.

So, that was my week in short. Looking forward to next week!

My Coding Journey

Follow my coding journey and my experience at Coding Dojo in Chicago

Leibel Hecht

Written by

I’m Leibel. I’m transitioning from Talmud to Tech. Maybe someday I’ll be the Rabbi on Rails :)

My Coding Journey

Follow my coding journey and my experience at Coding Dojo in Chicago

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