Weather Mood Booster App. Yay! I made an app 🤓

Leibel Hecht
Jun 4, 2017 · 4 min read
Scroll down for demo video

Update: App is now live here Video Demo: here

So I’m about 6 weeks into the bootcamp, and I created an app. From scratch. In about 3 days. I thought that was pretty cool, and I had a lot of fun in the process, but more importantly, I learned so much in those few days.

What? Why? and How? Let’s start with the why.

(If you just cant wait, you can scroll to the bottom for a demo video 🤗)

We left off the last post at project week. Project week at the Dojo is a time when students get to put their skills to the test by creating a full stack web application and then present it at the end of the week. As I mentioned, I was unable to join the teams building the Zillow clone so I needed an idea.

I was recently reading this new book on google search data (see below).

In one of the chapters the author uses the data to show just how influential the weather is on our happiness. His findings are quite remarkable and a bit terrifying if you live in a bad climate. So I set out to do my part to bring a bit more joy and happiness to folks in places where the weather sucks.

What exactly is the app, and what does it do? The app is a weather app with a few twists, but it is pretty simple and straightforward. Here are the basics of the app.

  1. It allows you to view your local weather in a fun and welcoming design.
  2. If the weather is bad, it will show you a funny quote (via an api), funny GIF and some other cute messages.
  3. If the weather is good, it will show and inspirational/motivational quote plus some other bells and whistles.
  4. You can add a friends location (utilizing the google maps api) to track their weather
  5. view all of your friends’ weather with different actions suggested based on the weather.
  6. login and register

How? These are the technologies I used to create the app.

  1. It is built on Python/Django and the sqLite Database that comes in the package.
  2. I used the Open Weather Map API to fetch all of the weather (both the clients weather, base on the browser’s geolocation, as well as the friends’ weather based on the longitude and latitude given through the Google Maps API by the user.)
  3. The Quotes are pulled (on user login) from the theysaidso API (

App Demo

Upon login the app fetches all quotes and weather and serves based on weather.

Birchwood has good weather, so an inspirational quote along with a message to get out and get some sun, is served.

App features from top of page :

-scroll down for demo video

  1. Greet’s user by first name
  2. option to log out
  3. gif, with tooltip messages, funny or “go take a walk”, depending on weather
  4. Quote and its author (updated daily from the API)
  5. City, animated Weather icon, and temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius
  6. A message based on weather
  7. Animated button (yellow) which opens modal to add friends
  8. Add friend form autofills Longitude and Latitude from G maps (and map is searchable with autocomplete). Longitude and Latitude are then stored in DB
  9. View friends’ weather along with either a message to “check up on them”, or a link to plan a weekend getaway if the weather by your friend is good.
  10. Ability to share the quote (not yet functional)
  11. Login and registration
Demo Video

You can follow my coding journey here.

Feel free to comment or contact me

My Coding Journey

Follow my coding journey and my experience at Coding Dojo in Chicago

Leibel Hecht

Written by

I’m Leibel. I’m transitioning from Talmud to Tech. Maybe someday I’ll be the Rabbi on Rails :)

My Coding Journey

Follow my coding journey and my experience at Coding Dojo in Chicago

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