4 Hobbies to turn into profit in 2022

Photo by Steve Johnson: https://www.pexels.com/photo/selective-focus-photography-of-paintbrush-near-paint-pallet-1047540/

Ever since I shared the story about “how I lost all my money” of course one major thing I’ve been concerned with has been making more money. I haven’t made bank just yet but I have been able to roll in some figures even with simple things I found interesting and here are four hobbies I that I have used and still use to turn a profit

1. Writing

Writing for a long time has been a top interest for me, and because of how dynamic writing can be, it makes this skill flexible enough to fit into any niche that either offers you money or that you simply just enjoy. A few ways I’ve personally been able to make money from are through ghostwriting, editing and proofreading, and most especially copy writing.

2. Photography

Photography was a hobby I picked up during my first year in college and this was simply to help me get comfortable in the rural environment that surrounds my school.
It took a while to figure out how to actually make money from this hobby. Because that was all it was — a hobby. Since I didn’t take any professional photography class, I couldn’t actively bid for any professional gig. However, thanks to the new wave in the cryptocurrency market with the surge of NFT’s, I have been able to list my interesting photographs on NFT marketplaces.

3. Social media (management)

Everyone uses social media and this in my opinion has the lowest entry level to make money. By default you would suppose that only social media influencers really make money on social media. But with a little bit of exploration, there are multiple outlets with social media you can make money with and still remain invisible to the outside world. The way I made money on through social media was through social media management for small business on a monthly basis.

Fun part was, I didn’t handle all the work (partially because I ran an agency) and this is something you can easily replicate given you are comfortable to spending time on social media.

4. Gaming

Gaming is slightly tricky and although I personally haven’t made any significant amount of money from gaming, I have a handful of friends who have and even friends of friends who make more as a means of livelihood.

Although not excluding Esports, you can particularly make money from gaming through crypto-gaming i.e. playing video-games and earning crypto tokens in return, which you can then exchange on cryptocurrency marketplaces for real cash. Or you could take to creating content with video games as I sometimes do and in time it could be huge.


Money can be made in multiple ways, but two things are required to make money from anything; consistency and patience — sometimes a bit of ingenuity helps. Pick a spot, place a kick and let your ball fly.

“But as you dey make money, no forget to dey enjoy” — Nigerian street proverb




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Currently a cybersecurity major in college. Writing about technology, making money and journaling my college experience.