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5 daily habits to make you become a more productive student in college.

Less than a month of starting college, it’s been a slight struggle to fit the new structure of college routines into my personal routine, as I’ve been used to a different kind of routine over the years, and most of the struggles as I’ve come to learn are easily conquered with just a few tweaks to my personal routine.

College as I’ve come to understand is a maze! A somewhat ordered flow of routines is created to shape our experience in the system. This ordered flow of things is a blessing, but can easily become tiring, especially if there’s a lack of orderly flow in your affairs as a student.

The good part is, getting in sync with the flow of college structure isn’t as difficult as it could seem. After a few weeks of practice and you’re well on your way to becoming a productive student in college. Some of these habits will also create a lot of positive effects in your personal life.

Below are some of the habits, as I’ve learnt to become part of my daily routine while in college:

1. Wake up early

Everything begins here. It’s honestly not up for debate. Waking up early helps you set the tone for a productive day. Not saying you can’t turn out to have a productive day if you choose to wake up later, but what are the chances that you actually do get yourself in sync with the day if you spring out of bed and race to class without any proper sense of what’s required for the day.

Outside the mental benefits and even soulful benefits (if spirituality is a part of your being), waking up early just boosts your psyche and gives you a strong mental edge for yourself that you’ll carry out throughout the day, besides you’ve got to get out of bed early especially if you’re hoping to save yourself a front sit in the lecture room, which can get really crowded when lectures aren’t streamlined (folks from my college will understand this).

2. Skip breakfast

This one is slightly tricky, as you’ll need to be aware of your health risks before you decide to skip breakfast but it has personally helped me position myself better in certain situations.

I tend not to fall asleep during early classes when I skip breakfast than when I actually do. Sometimes listening to a lecture that seems uninteresting with a full stomach could cause you to fall asleep and that can pretty much linger on you the whole day.

Of course, if having breakfast is crucial for you, be sure to get something to eat, but be conscious not to overload yourself.

3. Take hourly naps every evening

Rest is great! But why advocate for evening naps? The use of evening naps for at least an hour is mainly for two reasons.
Firstly, to help you unwind from college work. Secondly, to prepare you for some study later in the evening.

Certainly, I don’t always take evening naps as sometimes I’m guilty of going past one hour and just end up sleeping for two to three hours, but then when I awake, I’m usually alert to study (not that I end up studying anyways) but this can also be a useful tool in your arsenal to becoming productive.

4. Complete assignments promptly

By promptly, I mean on the day they’re given. This would save you from slightly embarrassing situations such as having to copy through assignments right in class, besides it gives you the opportunity to revise the day’s lecture and filter more information you may have missed while solidifying the ones you got.

5. Plan out the next day

This is perhaps the most important piece of your daily habits that you should practice with consistency. Planning the next day ahead.

With a plan for the next day, not only does your mind settles in to get off on a great start, you’ll be giving yourself a really good headstart on the coming events of the next day, especially when you decide to wake up early.

Over time, I’ve known my performance to be better on days where I have my objectives spelt out the day before, than on days when I choose to be spontaneous.
You can be spontaneous and still remain productive, but when dealing with college and how it’s structured, being spontaneous will simply just lead to you becoming lackadaisical, and that’ll, in turn, hurt your productivity which in turn could hurt your performance.


So far, the college has been a lot of work, and personally, I still have a lot of catching up to do, since many of the courses require a decent amount of intentional study to even at least make the cut.

Of course, there’s more you can add to become more productive, but I wouldn’t go on being a college psychologist just yet, as I’m also here experiencing it like everyone else, but these few tips would certainly give you a grounded feel for how you can possibly make the most use of college education.




My College Experience #mce originates from The Confluence University of Science and Technology, Osara. Nigeria and focuses on sharing thoughts about life in college, and practical guides about how to maximize your college experience; ALL BASED ON PERSONAL EXPERIENCES!

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