Holiday Hello

I know you don’t read this yet, but I enjoy writing anyways, so here’s a simple draft of what my holiday is currently like.

It’s been roughly about a month since the academic end of my first year in college, an experience that for the most part is being documented in “My College Experience” — Podcast, which is also something I’ll describe as interesting and challenging all at once.

It’s no news that I am a late adopter to the college system, because it took me a span of seven years after graduating high-school before finally getting into college, which was riddled with several failed attempts and a temporal withdrawal from the pursuit of a college education. But ever since I got the opportunity to at least be in a college environment, I will admit I enjoy it and I feel even more grateful for it.

Albeit, with most of my story recorded on the Podcast, I intended to make a productive use of my holiday, which included relaxation of course and a handful of activities to setup the foundation for a couple of projects I intend to being in my second year of college.

So far, it’s been a mix of a wonderful atmosphere and a struggling environment. Being home, I’ve been able to relax a ton, which has been great but it has been difficult piecing together the things I trust will help me start off my second year in college on a solid note.

For instance, I’ve been trying to land a gig to earn some extra income remotely (due to the indefinite nature of how our holiday is) and I haven’t had much success, and then there’s the part where I sort of need to start preparing academically for the new session, and mentally, I don’t feel balanced enough to even begin flipping through pages of semester work.

Regardless of all these, I still feel happy on a conscious level about the privilege I have and even more dedicated to making my intended projects work, even if perhaps some of them could fail, and I’ll have to weather another mental phase of what to do next.

Still, I just thought to say happy holidays to everyone that follows my story on this project, and perhaps just note to you that regardless of whatever phase you are in, regardless of how difficult it could seem right now. Trust that everything will turn out perfectly.

Until next time, be safe! —





My College Experience #mce originates from The Confluence University of Science and Technology, Osara. Nigeria and focuses on sharing thoughts about life in college, and practical guides about how to maximize your college experience; ALL BASED ON PERSONAL EXPERIENCES!

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I write about Tech, money and my experience as a college undergrad

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