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Flying High — ON MY OWN!

me looking like the plane’s about to drop out of the sky

*really-really annoying singsong voice*


Damn. My life is boring.

Well, I got a break. Exams ended on the 28th, and I left that day for Jamshedpur, a small town in Jharkhand, to visit my nani house. Minor detail: I travelled back on my own after chaperoning my Nani before that. For the first time. IN A FLIGHT.

Yep. Minor. Not important.

JK, JK. It’s all we’re going to talk about. ‘Cause nothing interesting ever happens anymore. *sighs like Bollywood character*

28th of September — My last exam (Computers) ended and I jumped around the house like Tweety Bird on crack, and I spent the rest of the afternoon doing mostly nothing. 3 o’ clock came around and we headed to the train station, for my grandmother (who had been staying with us for roughly a month) and I to catch the sixteen-hour long ride to Jamshedpur. More monotony ensued. I swear the universe wanted me to die of boredom.

On the morning of the 29th, we reached the station, and my uncle picked us up and took us to their house. The rest of the trip was more of the usual, shopping, walking around, losing connectivity because I didn’t turn on data roaming. Insert facepalm emoji.

The first interesting thing happened on Sunday, when I left. The whole family, which consists of my two cousins, my grandmother, and my aunt and uncle, and me, went on a road trip to Ranchi to the airport, because Jamshedpur refuses to build an airport, inconveniencing innocent travelers like myself every day, three times a day from Ranchi to Delhi! Air India, Indigo, you can pay me now. I don’t do free advertisement.

Anyway. The flight part of it is pretty much your regulation flight. I got on. The plane flew. The plane landed. I got off. YAY! But this comes to me as a major achievement. This is the first time I’ve flown on my own, roughly twelve years after I flew for the first time. Don’t do the math. It blows your mind.

The flight was mostly very normal, although I noticed some problems. Quite a number of people hadn’t put their masks on during the flight, which I found and still find incredibly irresponsible of them. If a year and a half of a pandemic couldn’t knock some sense into these people, I don’t know what will.

But God knows that’s enough for now. I may or may not die of boredom, but making you read this, you’ll die of it secondhand. Don’t.

So goodbye for now! I will keep posting (hopefully) so please keep pestering me to write. Pressure helps me work.




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