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Life Update #somethingorother

Oh, damn.

This blog is as dead as my motivation to write for it.

I try, though. This is an attempt. Barely scratching the surface, I am, yet I try.

So, hello! I’m Agastya Sharma, and this is another update on my dreary life. Don’t fall asleep of boredom, please.

As to why I haven’t posted for a while, my exams have been going on for a month and a half, and still have a month left, so that’s sad. These exams have succeeded in keeping me busy as ever, with basically no time left for writing, which is sadder. But I’m getting a teensy break as of now, so, well, here we are. As to how my exams are going, don’t ask. Just don’t.

Also, my blog’s three-year anniversary went by roughly a month ago, so that’s cool. I completely missed the time frame to write for it. It just shows how much of a mess my life is at any given point. But congratulations to me anyway, I guess! And to you all, a great, great thank you, for sticking with me, and struggling through these times alongside me, so THANK YOU!

Another also, it’s nearly Christmas, so MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you! May your day be filled with sparkling lights of prosperity and happiness (figuratively and literally).

So, that’s probably it for today! This is a bit of a short one, please consider it an apology letter. But I promise, promise, promise to continue posting (however irregularly) even if it’s just random things like this. Bye bye, and stay safe!




Age is just a number. Who said kids can’t write?

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Agastya Sharma

A random nerd who reviews books and movies, and travels way too much.

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