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Of Punjab, Pindi chole and Potholes

How does “impromptu road trip” sound to you?

Well, it sure sounds good to my parents, cause off we went!

As I said, it was impromptu. A last bid at freedom, before the vileness of the education system takes me over for months and makes me a slave to its ambitions. Basically, a last holiday before eighth grade starts. I’m in eighth now! At least I will be by the time this article goes live.

Anyway. On with the show!

Cue intro music.

Leaving on Friday, the 2nd of April, with a friend of Dad’s from college who turns up every weekend at our place with food (free food! Yay!) and watches TV with us, the three of us (and Yash Kaku) left for another Neemrana property in Patiala, Punjab. We had gone to a Neemrana property just two weeks prior, and I wrote about that too! If you haven’t read that, click here. Also, drop a like and follow! Oh god, I sound like a YouTuber. Ugh.

Continuing, we went on a five-hour long drive, waking up at six in the morning (destroying my sleep schedule! Such fun!), making rare stops at places to have lassi (nah) and walk around (also nah). Somewhere through the trip, the glare of the sun through the car windows gave me a tan. Your boy now looks like a panda because the darned summers are annoying. Insert annoyed emoji. I’m so done.

After reaching, we had a delicious meal of pindi chole, kulche, and paneer. As I said in the previous article (READ IT), the food at Neemrana properties is especially good. As it was this time.

This was also a kick back and relax type of vacation. That’s code for: you guessed it, ‘there’s nothing to do so you can sit and contemplate your life for eternity’.

JK, I read a book cause I’m a big nerd! It was Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, I will be reviewing it as soon as I finish reading the series.

In the evening, we went to a club adjoining our resort called the Patiala Club. Innovative. We went there for a short while to have fun and have food. We attended a fun fair after that, where I shot balloons with a rifle. I got 9/10 balloons. You can call me when I join RAW as a sharpshooter.

The sun rose on another hot day on Saturday, where we walked an entire ten steps to a very conveniently located table tennis setup. We also went to an even more conveniently located gym, where I bounced around on a yoga ball! Fun.

We walked around the locale, visiting a gurudwara, a mandir, multiple shops and eateries, where we had rabri and kulfi.

About the gurudwara. I felt like this needed to be talked about. That place was one of the cleanest places of worship I’ve ever been to. We had to step in pools of water to cleanse our feet before we could enter the main building. There was a large reservoir of water, and it was the cleanest water I’ve seen in India ever! There were people doing community service, cleaning the water, cleaning the temple, and that really spoke volumes to me.

We continued off on our way back to the resort, until my mom accidentally fell into a small hole on the path. Her leg was hurt, but luckily, we were due back the next day! Nothing more eventful happened over the course of the night, and we returned to Noida the next day. Now we’re back, I’m in the vise-like grip of middle school, and all is well. Except the Covid cases in our society. Well. You can’t have everything.

That’ll be all from me today! I hope that you all enjoyed! Please be sure to stay safe, and goodbye!



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