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Going Tribal

Foundations of an Active Community Site

Year after year in my consulting practice I hear the proposals, requests, and pitches for “building a community site.” While the clients range from Fortune 100 tech companies to hyper-niched start-ups the call is always to build a “community” or “include social media” as part of the plan. 80% of these projects fail and here’s why.




We are all creative. Some of us listen harder and closer to the details of our lives because we are hoping to use our experience as input for our creative life. Artists, musicians, poets, writers, we are all paying close attention to detail. How can you grow your creative life?

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John McElhenney

John McElhenney

John McElhenney is an author, life coach, and musician who lives in Austin, Texas. He’s best known for his single dad blog, The Whole Parent. (

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