Phantom Wallet Guide 2: How to Use

A Step-by-Step Run Guide

Oct 12 · 8 min read

Before anything else, everyone should know that this guide and the wallet itself could not have been completed without the help of the Phantasma community; special thanks to Bill and LittleSmith95! Lots of people have been active like madmen to test the wallet and help write this tutorial. You’re all amazing ❤

This article describes all the steps to use the Phantom Desktop Wallet. If you need live help feel free to join the official Telegram group of Phantasma. However if you follow the steps below, you should be fine. Telegram invite link for live help however is here, but please try your best first.

Click here for the installation guide!

Table of contents

  1. Create Wallet
  2. Generate Address & Private Key
  3. Copy Private Key
  4. Login — Using Your Private Key
  5. Phantom Wallet — First Screen
  6. Token Swapping
  7. Swapping from NEO to Phantasma
  8. Swapping from Phantasma to NEO
  9. Changing Address Name
  10. Sending Tokens
  11. Receiving Tokens
  12. Settings
  13. Logging out

1. Create Wallet

When the installation of the Phantom Wallet for your platform of choice is all done, we can really begin!

When you launch the wallet, the screen below is what initially pops up. This is where you can login when you have already set up a wallet.

We don’t have a wallet yet, so our first step is to click on Create Account.

2. Generate Address & Private Key

Next, click on Generate Address which will display your Phantasma Address & Private Key.

3. Copy Private Key

Ensure that you write down your Private Key somewhere safe & secure for your eyes only. Next, click on the little clipboard logo to the right of your generated Private Key which will copy it to your clipboard (You’ll need this to login!).

If for whatever reason you need a new Private Key, click Generate Another which will display a new Address & Private Key.

4. Login — Using Your Private Key

Having already copied the Private Key when you created your account and clicked generate address, paste it into the text box on the login screen under “Enter Private Key”. Then press Enter or click Login.

5. Phantom Wallet — First Screen

Welcome to your new Phantom Wallet! This is the first screen you will see. This screen is your Portfolio page. At this stage, the wallet contains no assets so you won’t see anything but a small message. Next we’ll explain the token swap. To begin, click Swap in the menu on the left hand side of your screen.

6. Token Swapping

NOTE: It is recommended that you have and use some NEO GAS in the swap to improve processing times. More on this below.

This part of the app is what you use to swap tokens back and forth between NEO and Phantasma chains

  • From the home screen click Swap
  • After clicking Swap you’ll be brought to the swap home screen.
  • Here you have several options for swapping. The next section describes swapping in each direction in detail.

7. Swapping from NEO to Phantasma

The screen below is what you will see after pressing Swap in the menu on the left in the previous step. It shows you are now going to do a Chain Swap and send tokens from the NEO Blockchain to Phantasma Blockchain. These are the basic settings, do not change anything for this first step.

  • Only use the ‘switch direction’ button when you want to swapback from Phantasma to Neo. We will discuss this later is this tutorial. Leave it be for now.

NOTE: Do not send assets from an exchange wallet!

NOTE: Do not send assets from a personal ledger wallet!

  • Send Nep5 SOUL to the address you see on screen in ‘Step 1’. You can copy the address using the button next to it. What you need to do here is send tokens from a personal Neo wallet such as NEON or O3.
  • Leave the Phantom Wallet window open whilst you open your preferred Neo wallet. For this example, we will use NEON.
  • It is recommended you have some GAS in your wallet to use to improve processing times.
  • Click ‘Send’.

Send instructions

  1. Choose the token to send; in this instance SOUL. Note that Swapping only supports SOUL, GAS and NEO.
  2. Enter the amount you want to send/swap.
  3. Enter the public address you copied earlier from the Phantom Wallet (in the Swap home screen).
  4. Ensure you add the GAS FEE as below otherwise it could be slow to process.
  5. Click Send Asset with Fee

The screen below is what will pop up now.

NOTE: Ensure there is a gas fee showing — if not — stop — IMPORTANT!

  • Click “Confirm & Send” after ensuring you have a GAS fee.
  • Click the activity tab and refresh until your screen looks something like below — this will indicate it has been processed by the NEO block chain. Give the chain a few minutes to process the transaction.
  • Return to the Phantom Wallet Swapping screen
  • In ‘Step 2’, enter your Neo private key of the wallet you just sent tokens from through Neon. Another option here is to enter an encrypted key and password. Click on the little arrows to switch between these two options.
  • Click Check Pending Swap as in the screenshot below.
  • You will now see the following extra step: Step 3) Validate Swap. This shows the pending amount of tokens. You can now click on Swap Assets and confirm the pop-up message.
  • You’re all done! Your tokens have been swapped from Nep5 to Phantasma Chain! You can now access your Phantasma SOUL tokens to stake your SOUL.

8. Swapping from Phantasma to NEO

Before we get started on the swapback, we want to make one thing absolutely clear:

If you want to swap back from native SOUL to Nep5 SOUL, be warned that you must have some GAS and KCAL in your Phantasma wallet. Otherwise, the swap will not work!
You can swap GAS from your Neo wallet to your Phantasma wallet, exactly like you also swapped your Nep5 SOUL to native SOUL. Perform the steps in Chapter 7, but choose GAS instead of SOUL.
You can get KCAL by staking some SOUL in Phantom Wallet.

  • If you read the warning above and acted accordingly, you should have some GAS and KCAL in your Phantasma wallet. Note that the swapback will not be performed otherwise. Remember that the swapback will fail if you don’t have GAS and KCAL.
  • In order to perform the swapback from native SOUL to Nep5 SOUL, head over to the menu on the left and click on ‘Swap’ to get in the swap homescreen. Check out the screenshow below and follow the numbered steps.
  1. Click the arrows and you will see this exact screen. It should now say that you will swap ‘From Phantasma Blockchain to NEO Blockchain’.
  2. Enter your public NEO address.
  3. Select the token you want to swap. For this example, we’re choosing SOUL.
  4. Enter the amount you want to swap.
  5. Click on SWAP ASSETS and confirm the message that pops up.

A loading animation will now show that the transaction is being confirmed. Once confirmed, the wallet will show a clickable transaction hash.

All done! Check your Neo wallet to confirm the swap has been successful.

9. Changing Phantasma Name

Phantom Wallet has this cool little feature where instead of using your Public Address to receive tokens, you can give it a name to make it easier to remember. To do this, look towards the left hand side of your screen over towards the menu.

  • Under where it says “Wallet Connected” you’ll find the word “anonymous”. Currently, “anonymous” is what all new wallet addresses will be called until you rename it (make sure you have same KCAL at the ready!).
  • To rename it, there will be an edit logo to the right of “anonymous”. Click on that which will bring up a small dialog box where it will allow you to type in a new name (NOTE: IT MUST BE LOWER CASE AND YOU CAN ONLY DO THIS ONCE).
  • Once done, click ‘confirm’. Congratulations! You have now named your Phantasma address.

10. Sending Tokens

After clicking Send you’ll be brought to the screen below. To send your tokens to other Phantasma Wallets you have to complete 5 steps (depicted in the screenshots below):

  1. Select Chain (which will be main).
  2. Select which token you want to send (e.g. SOUL).
  3. Enter the amount you want to send (e.g. 1000).
  4. Enter the destination address.
  5. Select Destination Chain (which will be main).

11. Receiving Tokens

To receive tokens you have two options available:

  1. Public Address
  2. Address Name

12. Settings

After clicking Settings you’ll be brought to this screen. On this screen you’ll see 5 different fields:

  • Network (Only Mainnet available)
  • RPC URL (Cannot be altered)
  • Explorer URL (Cannot be altered)
  • Currency (Can be changed to display USD/EUR/CAD/GBP/JPY/AUD)
  • Dark Theme (Can be toggled on & off)

13. Logging Out

To log out from the wallet, click the Log Out button located at the bottom of the menu on the left hand side of your screen.

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