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How to prepare & pass the PSM I exam in two weeks!!

Kicking off my first medium article with the study plan & material I referred to for my PSM I exam.

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The offers three levels of Professional Scrum Master certifications. Being a beginner in the world of Scrum, I opted for the PSM I assessment.

Exam Format:

The exam offers 80 questions to be answered in a time box of 60 mins. The question format is multiple-choice, multiple answers, true/false. A score of 85% is needed to pass the exam. The exam fee is $150 per attempt. The exam code once purchased does not have an expiration date. You can take the exam whenever you feel ready for it. Also, the exam can be taken from the comfort of your study den & does not require you to go to an assessment center.

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Study Guide:

  1. First & foremost tip is to read & re-read & re-read the ‘Scrum guide’. In order to pass the exam, it is of utmost importance to read the Scrum guide thoroughly. This 15-page long guide helps to understand the Scrum as a framework & the concepts related to it.
  2. Udemy offers many courses to help prepare for this exam. I took the ‘Scrum Master Certification Preparation & 240+ Prep Questions’ course. This course is apt for beginners with no prior scrum knowledge. The course also offers short assessments along with every section & three full practice tests.
  3. The next important exam tip is to understand the Scrum Competencies & the underlying focus areas. Many exam questions are based on the understanding & application of these scrum competencies. also offers a learning path to understand the role of a Scrum Master based on the different scrum competencies.
  4. The next step would be to take the Scrum Open Assessment to help validate your Scrum knowledge. The assessment is available for free & consists of 30 questions which help to gauge your understanding of scrum before attempting the PSM I exam. It is important to take this open assessment multiple times if needed until you pass it with a 100% score.
  5. also offers Product Owner Open assessment. This assessment can be taken as an additional practice test. It is available for free & helps to tackle tricky product manager related questions.
  6. Take the exam!! sends out a confirmation email along with the break-down of scrum focus area results. Downloadable certificate and badge are available in the account within the next hour.

My retrospective:

This exam was my first step in the world of SCRUM. My workplace is undergoing a transformation from waterfall to agile project management. The PSM 1 exam helped me demonstrate a fundamental level of Scrum mastery.

I look forward to taking up the PSPO I certification next! Stay tuned!



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