Day 1: numbers, strings, booleans

Time: 1 hour

Track: Codecademy

Where do you start? Well, I didn’t mull over that for long. JavaScript it is. I signed up for the track on Codecademy. It was easy, for now. Managed to work my way to Lesson 11 on booleans.

My only critique is that the syllabus tends to be all over the place. Wouldn’t it be better to talk about the basics, such as how to run Java on your machine as opposed to writing your name?

I downloaded the Java development kit and read the documentation. I am still on the Getting Started trail — tempted to read the white paper, but time was not on my side.

Instead I decided to try out the Hello World app. That didn’t work. See pic below:

I managed to get a copy of Head First Java. It was recommended by a gym buddy and it seems pretty interesting with all the illustrations. Might give it a read tonight.

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