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Inspired by Tim Ferriss’ Challenge to support teachers in the classroom by spreading the word about, aka “Kickstarter for the Classroom”. See:

Money Doesn’t Solve Problems, People Do

Start Building Your Social Capital Now, Before You Need It

The Value of Knowing What You Want

Whether or not you recall that Rolling Stones song entitled: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, the lyrics in the following stanza might mean…

Whose Job Is It Anyway?

Does it even matter as long as the job gets done in the end?

Teaching begins in the home. However, politically, not everyone agrees that…

Accountability Is Not the New Buzzword-of-the-Day

Having all the knowledge in the world is meaningless, if you do nothing with that knowledge. 

Funneling the Traffic 

When a traffic-officer directs traffic,drivers move their vehicles in the direction that the officer indicates that they should go. 

“What’s Better (For a Fund-Raiser): Bigger or Smaller?”

We’ve all heard those clever AT&T “It’s Not Complicated” commercials. You know, the one’s with the cute kids who are seated in…

Who Knows Best?

“That won’t work.” 

“Why don’t they just do this or that?”

“Why did they do that?”

The Many Different Types of Needs

As you may already know, the way that Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs works is that until our most basic-level needs are met, we don’t usually seek to meet…

Does Timing Really Matter?

Why hold a school fundraiser at the end of the school year?

Most businesses, especially those that intimately know their data, will…

Teaching Teachers How To Fish, So To Speak

Asking for assistance is a humbling experience and not everyone is comfortable doing it. Yet, even after someone is able to overcome any…

Why Not Call It “Attraction-ing” Instead of Fundraising?

Regardless of whether or not you already are someone who supports some sort of charitable organization in any variety of ways…

Significant Disparities Do Exist in Our Schools

For example, consider the recent Oklahoma Tornado Tragedy. 

Judging Other People’s Needs

I was rather surprised to see some of the more critical comments that were coming in on Tim Ferriss’ blog under his post announcing The 4

What Question(s) Would You Ask an Expert?

[Note: Regardless of whether or not the contest that I’m about to mention next is relevant to you or not, I ask you to continue reading, since…

How Long Does It Take To Learn Something New?

How do you put a timeframe around a project that has many variables and many unknowns?

Fundraising For MacGyvers-In-Training

Getting right to the point, the most motivating line in the recent announcement for the 4-Hour Chef Giveback Campaign which features the non-profit…

Funding Rubber Chickens is Serious Business

In browsing through the many open projects that classroom teachers across the country in the U.S. are requesting funding for via DonorsChoose

Caring About Schoolchildren That You Don’t Even Know

I am not a teacher by profession. Nor do I have any children of my own, which, by the way, is something that I am totally fine with…

My Experience
My Experience

Inspired by Tim Ferriss’ Challenge to support teachers in the classroom by spreading the word about, aka “Kickstarter for the Classroom”. See:

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