Engage with large accounts on Twitter to grow to 1K followers. Yes or No?

Experiment #1

  1. Ranveer Allahbadia (BeerBicepsGuy) — 496.1K followers
  2. Prafull MBA CHAI WALA (Prafull_mbachai) — 260.8K followers
  3. Dickie Bush (dickiebush) — 303.6K followers
  4. Aman Dhattarwal (AmanDhattarwal) — 107.2K followers
  5. Simon Sinek (simonsinek) — 964.3K followers

Day 1 – 26th December 2022

  • One tweet in the morning (at ~9:30 am)
  • Comments on five tweets of the five profiles I had selected
  • One tweet in the evening

Day 2 – 27th December 2022

Link: https://twitter.com/creatoramrita/status/1607590742075244544?s=20&t=ZtzndUHSKTDX7Fo-IqvdYA
Link: https://twitter.com/creatoramrita/status/1607593877363642368?s=20&t=ZtzndUHSKTDX7Fo-IqvdYA
  • Comments on five tweets
  • Posted one tweet (~10:10 am)

Day 3 — 28th December 2022

Day 4 – 29th December 2022

Days 5 and 6




Social media is changing so rapidly that you need to keep yourself updated — what is working, what is not, how frequently you should post, what are the ideal timings, etc. I needed a space to record my social media experiments, so here it is. Hope you enjoy it. :)

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Amrita Mishra

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