A poem about losing someone to suicide.

Nagoh Creative
My Fair Lighthouse
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2 min readJun 14, 2024


Red Leaf — Photography by Author (Nagoh Creative)


my hands pressed so tightly
around the wrists, she broke
her life flows so freely
my heart begins to choke

our tears are mixed together
I ask the question, Why?
I try to force an answer
before she starts to die

with our words mixed with kisses
she asks me for a wish
I ask her not to talk
but she whispers through her kiss

forever, ever love me
and never let me die
I'll always be above you
and stand there by your side

her eyes closed so slowly
the last tears rolled away
and there I sat in her life
as she bled and fade away

I struggled with sharing this poem. My writing and sharing are not meant to generate sadness; however, there is a level of healing when sadness is expressed healthily. I think the subject of suicide is a difficult one to talk about.



Nagoh Creative
My Fair Lighthouse

Writer, Astronomer, Photographer, Poet, & Encourager. On a road of life recovery and sharing my journey as I reflect on the pictures I have taken over the years