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Mark Starlin
Feb 20 · 4 min read

I have reached the point in my life where I am trying to cut back on commitments — especially self-imposed ones. I published a monthly “My Favorite Medium Reads” list for three years. I still enjoy recommending stories and supporting other writers, but I have to admit, the monthly schedule started feeling like a chore. So I stopped for a while.

I’m back. I plan to continue doing “Favorite Reads” lists, but I won’t be sticking to a set schedule. Instead, they will be, hopefully, pleasant surprises. Plus, I have to admit, my reading was way down in 2020. But it is starting to gradually climb back up — just like my Bookmark menu. I currently have 1473 stories in my bookmark menu that I still need to tackle. LOL!

Anyway, here are some stories I enjoyed reading on Medium recently. I like to keep the list to around a dozen, like a box of tasty donuts. Enjoy!

I am a sucker for kooky, offbeat, funny humor that also tells a story. And that is what R.J. excels at. This is a perfect example.

I Didn’t Spend 4 Years in Skywriting School to Help Sven Propose to My Ex-Girlfriend by r.j. kushner

White Feather often writes heartwarming tales or examines daily life and spirituality. But he also has a funny side. This humorous story explores the weirdness of humans.

Breaking Couch News by White Feather

When I read the subtitle, “Writing a novel is a mysterious process,” I thought this was another tutorial or commentary on writing [there are a few of those on Medium, aren’t there? I’ve even done them, as laughable as that sounds,] so I almost skipped it. I’m glad I didn’t. It turned out to be a clever story about writing worthy of the Twilight Zone [which I consider a high compliment.]

Stories Not Yet Told by Bill Adler

The world needs more silliness, and often kids lead the way. A heartwarming tale of real life.

What a Stoplight Exchange Taught Me About Joy by Vanessa Torre

You just can’t go wrong reading a Terrye Turpin tale. This one features an artist with a special skill.

The Landscape Artist by Terrye Turpin

A little whimsy and some orignal artwork. What’s not to like?

Luna, The Yellow Umbrella by Erica N

Ecem’s poetry often captures the feeling of longing or hurt. This one is exceptionally personal.

The Irreversible Jacket of an Outsider by Ecem Yucel

Sometimes you have to escape reality to find your dream.

Escape from the Grassland by Diane Helentjaris

I always look forward to another one of Bebe’s humorous family stories. This one features her husband.

Watch Out for a Retired Man With Time on His Hands by Bebe Nicholson

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