My Curated Stories and Why I Think They Were Selected

Experience is always the best teacher

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We all learn from experience

When I started to write on Medium, I had no idea how my stories could ever be curated. Then I got my first curated story — it was a poem! I’ve realized that it’s not impossible after all.

Here is a list of my articles that have been curated so far

I have listed some of my observations below them as to how I think they were selected. However, I think there is no better learning method than to read the articles themselves. You can see for yourself what kind of articles can get selected under particular categories.


Social Media




Mental Health






Why I think certain articles were curated

1. Relevance

My stories that have been curated were posted under relevant tags (Poetry, Business, Relationships, Freelancing, etc.) I think posts will have a better chance of being curated if seen under their respective categories.

2. Length

Most of the articles I’ve seen curated were those that are at least 500 words. I think longer articles are even better! There are exceptions, like my article Why Friends Never Get Tired, which is only about 200 words. But if you notice that your articles are not being selected, try writing about 800 to 1,000 words.

In poetry, however, I’ve noticed that even short ones do well. My poem A Little Cloud only had 8 lines for a total of 51 words, but it was curated.

3. Substance

Quality is the key. Even if your story is short, it has the chance of being curated if the quality is good. It has to provide some value to its readers.

4. Rhyme

This is one thing I’ve noticed with my curated poems. The ones chosen were often written in rhyme.

When I was just starting on Medium, I thought none of my poems would ever be selected as I read many of the poems featured on popular publications. I’ve realized that even simple poems that are easily understood have a chance of being curated.

5. Grammar

Always edit your draft before publishing them. Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation marks. You can always use the assistance of online tools like Grammarly.

6. Style

Curated stories usually don’t have elaborate styles. Stick to simplicity and consistency. Use headings and subheadings correctly.

7. Headlines

Don’t use click-bait headlines. Simply state what your article is about. Use your creativity to emphasize interesting takeaways from your story but leave some room for your reader’s curiosity.

8. Guidelines

This is very important. Read Medium’s guidelines and avoid any violation.

Final thoughts

If you’re new to Medium and you have no curated stories yet, don’t give up!

One final thing I have observed was that it took time for my articles to be chosen.

Even if you have good articles at the beginning, they may not be selected at all. Curators are also human beings who may overlook something or they may simply prefer one story over another at the time your article was posted (the art of selection is a subjective human process and as unique as each person is).

Just continue to write and one day your posts will be noticed, too!

Write from the heart. Do your research. Edit your articles well. Perseverance is the key that will open the way for curation in the end!

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