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Side Hustles for the Online Freelancer

Earning money online has never been this valuable

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Welcome back to “My Freelance Writing Journey”!

After a period of rest, the journey goes on. Not everything went according to plan, but we all have to adjust somehow, especially with this pandemic.

Here are three new articles you may have missed so far:

Five Quick Ways to Earn Five Dollars Today

Have you discovered these side hustles you can have using your laptop and the internet? Continue reading…

How Much Should I Charge for Social Media Content Creation?

I have recently been thinking about expanding my online source of income, and one thing that came to mind was providing social media content to freelancers like me. That would include blog and website owners as well as authors with social media accounts for book promotion. Continue reading…

Is There a New Integration Between Medium and Speechify?

Today, while I was going back to the article I have just published, I have noticed a very interesting feature I haven’t seen before! Continue reading…

Final words

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