Why I Continue To Write Poems Despite Medium’s New Earnings Policy

Four things that encourage me to continue writing poetry

Jocelyn Soriano
Nov 9 · 4 min read

Medium’s new policy on measuring earnings by giving value to an article’s “reading time” seem to have been detrimental to short works of fiction, particularly poetry. Where claps had once been the only thing needed to recognize the quality of one’s work, poetry should now compete with far longer articles that are ten times its worth per “reading time.”

Despite the said argument, however, I continue to write and will continue to write poetry. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. I need to write poetry

Poetry is something that naturally comes out from within me. It is as natural as breathing, and it is hard to hold it in.

I write because I need to exhale those words. I write because I see a world I wanted to remember for a very long time.

And if I am touched and changed by this world I’ve seen, must I not share it with others so I could let them see also the beauty and wisdom I have found?

2. It helps me connect with readers

Through poetry, we remember that we oftentimes have the same wounds, the same pain that makes us weep, the same sufferings that make us more compassionate with one another.

Through poetry also, we remember what true happiness is like. We remember how love moves us and allows us to transcend the barriers we have built around hearts.

Poetry connects me with others the way no other genre can. It helps me discover what people can relate to. It helps me become a better writer because it not only reveals who I am — it reveals also who my readers are.

3. It gives additional exposure for my other posts

When people are touched by your poems, aren’t they more likely to share it also with their friends and social media followers? And when they share it, aren’t more people likely also to follow you?

4. It enriches my other articles

Instead of putting quotes within your non-fiction posts, why not put poems your readers can easily recall and connect with?

Final Thoughts

And Let the Stars Shine Upon You

Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

To you who has nothing
To you who has no one
To you who has nowhere to go
May you find some comfort where you are.

May the stars smile upon you
May they guide your path
May the moon be gracious unto you
May she give you peace tonight.

May you find your voice
And may you find your strength
May you never lose hope
May you never lose your faith.

I know that at times
It’s so hard to find your way
But remember that these are times
That can teach you to be brave.

So walk out of the shadows
And set your sights on high
Someone’s watching over you
As you fight with all your might!

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Jocelyn Soriano

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Self-Help Author, Poet & Inspirer! Lives in two worlds,loves with one heart. http://itakeoffthemask.com/

My Freelance Writing Journey

A journal of my personal journey as a freelance writer.

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