progress and progress cards!

After a long period of neglect and procrastination (of which I’m now sure signing up for medium was part of), I’m back to use this blog as I initially intended it, to give daily updates on what I’ve been up to, so me and everyone interested can keep track of my progress.

As a more concrete way of doing this, two of my tutors (Aadjan & Tomasz) suggested using progress cards which look as shown here.

These progress cards are used in several courses (both bachelor and master), that they both teach, and we discussed that it might also be interesting for both me and them to try and use them for a master graduation student and thereby get a nice overview of the whole process. For them, as teachers, it also provides a piece of feedback on a part of education that might otherwise stay hidden.

I’ve decided, instead of creating a digital template of these project cards, to use this blog as a representation of them. This provides the flexibility that I feel I need for the changing requirements that I expect this project will have on the progress cards.

For now this will mean that I’ll try try to do a super short daily recap of what my goal was and what progress I made during that day. Later on, when I get more into prototyping and development, I plan on regularly posting the progress cards, as they were intended, next to these daily updates.