Law of Attraction

One of my teachers who indirectly influenced my inclination towards Reiki used to scold whenever we uttered something negative in class. She talked about how we should never run away from anything or it will follow us all the more. Similarly, we should stay positive about what we want in life because “what you seek is seeking you.”

I am a positive person but somehow not very positive about my own self, somewhat under-confident and tend to underestimate my abilities. Reiki, which works on the principle of intention, is bringing about this much-needed change in me. Healing through Reiki occurs when the intent is of healing. While practicing Reiki, one cannot afford to think or speak negatively. The law of attraction does the work because what you want is what you attract.

During my course, I learnt that when a student is ready for Reiki, the teacher appears. We (the course students) have a wonderful, interactive group on Facebook where people share their experiences with Reiki. Many a times I have come across posts that talk about certain unexpected things happening to people that only appear coincidental, like long-lost people getting in touch, or meeting people with similar issues. When I was hesitant about making it public, some even suggested that people are going to be drawn to the me (the energy) nevertheless, and hence I should not worry about it.

In my own very brief experience, I have observed that Reiki indeed works by the law of attraction. It has been two months since my attunement, but only about 15 days ago I let people know about it. I did not really expect many to get in touch with me. Astonishingly, I was proved wrong. Even though there is no strong rush, but more than ten curious people have already approached me. What is even more surprising is that many of them are the ones I have barely talked to before, or rarely talk to. Many came to me in need of healing without being sure about how it would work. When they talked to me, they told me things like “I was looking for something like this.”

So many people are out there in need of healing. Indeed, energies are attractive in nature. Last night, I spent over an hour listening to a story from someone who wanted a session. Even though I was talking to her for the first time, throughout the conversation she kept telling me that she is sharing stuff she has never shared with anyone else, even her own self. After listening to the problem, I felt a strong connection and desire to help her heal.

On the Facebook group, someone mentioned that her social circle completely changed after she got associated with Reiki. My own bond with a long-lost friend seems to be getting rekindled. Another friend who’d been reluctant opening up about her problems to me, finally poured her heart out. Someone who has learnt Reiki herself but never spoke of it now came to me. If I ask myself how all of this is happening, I probably have the secret answer in my head! More progress is that I successfully convinced mom and dad for a session, when they weren’t keeping well — and this matters, because I initially thought that it would be a difficult thing to do. So, yayy!