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Children’s Day 2022: Identitypass Promotes Inclusion By Empowering a Girl-Child With a Prosthetic Limb.

May 27th of every year marks the celebration of International Children’s Day. Today, we are excited to see the global growth in the number of children worldwide and, more importantly, in the African continent. As a company, we recognize the importance of every age group, including children. We know they are our future and, as such, need all the help, guidance, and encouragement towards their dreams.

To mark the International Children’s Day this year, we engaged in more action by not just doing the usual celebration but also contributing meaningfully to a young girl’s life. We are excited to share our intentionality toward building an all-inclusive future for Africans.

Our Inclusion Centered Goal

Our vision and mission’s core values revolve around innovation, transparency, and sustainability. We are not oblivious to the identity verification challenges in Africa, as many persons living with disabilities are still struggling to access services that are easily accessible to their counterparts due to the limitations they face because of their physical conditions. This fact plays a significant role in informing our choice and decision to build products and solutions accessible to every identity irrespective of their differences or peculiarities. We see every identity as unique, and as such, this uniqueness makes us powerful when we grow together.

A Better Future Campaign

Africa’s economic situation has hampered many of its inhabitants from attaining the heights of other developed climes in terms of technology and social amenities. Still, even more, are the challenges and limitations of getting easy access to social benefits that people living with disabilities encounter in their everyday life. Globally, about 15% (1 billion people) of the world’s population live with one form of disability. Among this percentage are nearly 150 million incapacitated children who, as such, have little or no opportunity to get an educational qualification.

Our better future Campaign emanates from the need to build an all-inclusive continent. In this place, all persons are respected and enjoy the benefits of innovation without facing stigma, discrimination, or limitation due to their physical conditions.

This year in partnership with the Irede foundation, a prosthetics empowerment NGO in Lagos, Nigeria, we identified a girl-child amputee named Blessing. We offered to improve her every day activities by aiding her mobility. Blessing is a 16 years old secondary school student and an aspiring Nurse who lost her right leg due to a motorbike accident while running an errand in 2017. For the past five years, Blessing’s mobility has been using crutches, which has placed few limitations on making her dreams come true.

To improve Blessing’s independence, Identitypass came to the rescue and decided to sponsor Blessing with a prosthetics limb to celebrate Children’s Day. The process was emotional yet exciting as we saw Blessing take her first few steps after five years of walking with crutches. This little act of kindness goes beyond just making Blessing and her family smile and improving her independence and mobility access. For Blessing, the impact of this is enormous:

  • Empowering Blessing with a prosthetic limb has provided absolute relief for her and her family. Before the limb support, she had to rely on crutches for mobility support.
  • She is now able to navigate her environment with ease. Her schooling experience is now more fun than ever because she can participate in extra-curricular activities without being left out.
  • The availability of her limb has provided uninterrupted access to attain quality education, simultaneously reducing the number of out-of-school children in Osun state.
  • Overall, Blessing can live her life to the fullest without limitation; she is overjoyed as she will celebrate this year’s children’s day with two functional limbs. She is now more confident and hopeful about achieving her Nursing dream and beyond.

We are glad to pass a strong message of hope in our unique way that there’s no limit to what any child can become, irrespective of their challenges. Inclusion for us is not just a message; it is who we are and what we promote. We are determined to change the present narrative and offer everyone an equal chance in life.

For us, this intervention serves as a positive effort toward building an egalitarian society. We promise to build more on the foundation we’ve laid by being consistent in contributing our quota to creating a future where everyone is in, and nobody is left out.

Click here to watch our new world video for this year’s International Children’s Day celebration.

Here’s us wishing all Children worldwide a Happy Children’s Day!



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