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Introducing Identitypass Document Verification Endpoint- The easiest way for African businesses to verify instantly and scale globally

In today's global economy championed by the intense use of a diverse array of digital technology, businesses face the challenge of moving their customers to the final buying stage. Trust and security are two influencing factors that can enable business growth; the inability to implement these massively affects the business in the long run, making better onboarding and digital KYC more critical than ever.

Our primary motivation at Identitypass is making the internet safer by improving the security and safety of digital products, relieving business owners from the burden of ensuring smooth onboarding, and enabling compliance with local and international policies relating to KYC, AML, and CDD. To help organizations further scale their global operations, we now offer expanded verification coverage for over 200 countries across the globe via our document verification solution. This coverage is another crucial milestone driving us closer to our goal of being at the forefront of providing digital and reliable KYC solutions across the planet.

Introducing Document Verification

Your customers could be anywhere; they need to be verified for your security and theirs. However, the verification process must be secure and quick to reduce abandonment. Using your customers' valid means of identification is one of the best ways to verify identities. Out of the total global population, approximately 6.6 billion people have one or more accurate means of identification (Mckinsey, 2019). These documents may include driver's licenses, National Identification Numbers, voter cards, International Passports, etc.

On the other hand, a genuine document does not automatically imply identity verification. Fake IDs are becoming increasingly common, which means someone may have a forged document with false identity information. You must first get a positive match on the ID before determining whether the document is genuine or forged.

Document verification allows you to quickly determine the authenticity of an ID document from anywhere in the world. The ID document solution recognizes various identity documents and runs extensive algorithmic checks on thousands of global document types. The system also looks for unique enhanced security features available in some ID formats and analyzes and decodes these advanced security features.

ID documents vary from country to country; the document verification service automates capturing and classifying different identity documents for authentication. This process captures information about a document's physical layout and security features. It compares the document metadata (the descriptive information about a copy) to the metadata contained in the Document Verification Document Library.

The metadata contains information about the document, such as where to look in a captured image for specific color characteristics, small pattern images, or data-containing regions. Colors, physical relationships, data formats, and patterns are also included, uniquely identifying the document and allowing for reliable data extraction. The metadata contains the parameters required for optical character recognition (OCR) and image processors to perform the specific tasks necessary to capture, classify, and authenticate the document.

Document Verification Process

The Document Verification process includes the following significant steps.

  • Capture: Customers capture images of ID documents using a mobile device or high-quality webcam: Driver's licenses, Passports, Identity cards, Resident permits, Voter ID cards
  • Classify: This involves examining the specific images and patterns on a document and compare to the over 3,400 document types in the document verification document database to determine the document type.
  • Extract: Extracting biographic and other data from the document. The identity data is sent to an API at Identitypass to perform instant verification.
  • Authenticate: Runs a series of authentication tests using a complete set of images and data. The photos are authenticated through a global network of document verification services, leveraging Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to check multiple identity attributes against various data sources and confirm the match level to ascertain whether a document is real or fake.

After authentication, you can confidently onboard verified customers.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

Intelligent identity verification facilitates entry into new markets. Integrating with Identitypass document verification API allows you to access new markets quickly. You can create intense customer onboarding experiences with best-in-class data coverage and updated KYC innovations. Deploying this new document verification solution will also aid in the prevention of bad actors, the reduction of financial crimes, and the development of trust with your customers.

The document verification endpoint protects against risks and assists you in determining your user's location when performing ID document verification per time. With this, you have more assurance and can reduce the risk of fraud. It lets you confirm that customers are where they claim to be without adding unnecessary friction to their verification journey.

This Document Verification endpoint allows for a multi-layered approach to strengthening identity verification systems, increasing confidence levels in your KYC checks, and reducing fraud and risk. Document verification for digital identity helps build trust for safe onboarding and user authentication. Including documents, verification technology adds another layer of security. With digital identity and document verification, you can improve the effectiveness of your onboarding program and meet your KYC and AML requirements more effectively.

Adequate ID document verification also entails knowing you're catching forged, expired, and stolen IDs before they are used to commit fraud. Finally, with this new addition to our resources, you can better verify identities in over 200 countries, including Austria, South Africa, Spain, Germany, the UK, and UAE, making Identitypass an even better global partner for your business.

How to Get Started

  1. This product is made available to every one of our existing merchants. For new business owners who would like to integrate this endpoint, all you need to do is sign up on Identitypass.
  2. Once you've signed up and set up your account, you only need to request this endpoint and integrate the API through our documentation page.

We can't wait to see how this endpoint would revolutionize your verification experience.

Are you interested in using our API? Sign up on Identitypass or reach out to us at

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any feedback or feature requests that would help us better serve your needs. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on our latest announcements.



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