3 Great Scrapbook Ideas: wood, material and wrapping paper

Today I would like to share with you my ways of how to use a wooden photo frame, fabric scraps and gift wrapping paper. What will be made of them? Thanks to my ideas, the frame can be a good wedding gift, scraps of material which are situated somewhere in the old you will use to make the card. Gift wrapping paper you will use as a background to the board on which there is a plan of your child :)

It is important for me that you get to know how many things you have at home, which at first glance you would throw away to the bin , and I will show you how you can make them useful.

Scrapbook Ideas for wedding

It is a very simple way to use the old frame for the picture. Sure you have a lot of them at home, as it looks like with me , I saved all the cardboard boxes that already I did not like . The frame which you prepare you can give as a wedding gift. In addition, the gifted young couple probably will be thrilled with such a handmade gift. To give a new glitter to the frame , we will use an acrylic paint, color … hm … it’s depends on your preferences. I like white because it is universal, indeed it is the color of the bride.. The new frame we can use for putting the envelope with money inside or add to it your photo greetings. This is a very cool and original idea for a wedding gift. See before and after the traditional wooden frame.

Scrapbook Ideas for mom

The second idea is to make a card for my mom in a slightly different form than before. You can buy pieces of material, it is sufficient to buy about 0.5 meters on ebay (http://bit.ly/2c3OSOz ) or in a stationary store for dressmakers. I bought pieces of material, which is used for patchwork. The material I used as a new way to make a card. Sewn cards it is no longer anything new, but the card from material, that’s something else. Such a card with the words “I love you” in the middle and the birthday wishes your mom will certainly like. See how it came out with me.

Scrapbook ideas for school

Back to school is probably not the best time for children. Because it is known that it is beginning of learning, homework and regular waking up. Children have responsibilities at home but also have arranged the schedule of lessons at school. Plan of the lessons will certainly look nicer on a colorful cork board. It is just enough to buy in a paper store a gift wrapping paper and we will use it to attach it to the cork board. Colored paper can choose to match the color of the room of our child. See how it came out with me :)

I hope that my ideas will be useful to you in these 3 different circumstances. With a pleasure I will get to know your achievement, how you coped with a painting a frame and making cards from materials. And a colorful board , which you made for your children, dis they like it?

Please send me the pictures here in the comments :)

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