5 great DIY ideas to make a wedding album at home

There are 2 weddings in front of me — one of friend and one of my cousin. As a habit in Poland such weddings last two days, yeah on both days everybody is having fun, dancing till the morning and eating goodies. But this is not what I wanted to write about now, but about gifts, mainly those that we can make at home. Because this kind of the gift is mostly appreciated :)

I’ll present the individual elements that are needed to make an album that newlyweds will like. Let me present you 5 of my ideas:

Album to decorate

At the very beginning we have to buy the album. That is, one that can be decorated by ourselves with pastes, paints or colored paper. I think that an album created from the scratch is a great fun and very cool gift. On the other hand, we show even more how much we the wedding means to us, also the whole ceremony, and a young couple by making handwritten album.

Colored cards needed for decorating

Another essential element are colored cards. The color does not matter. They can be white, pink or even blue. In stripes, dots, and even with the flowers. It all depends on us or favorite color of the bride. I and my friends love dots and this is why I chose the papers polka-dot :)

Young Couple or scrap of cardboard

Of course, in our album we can’t miss elements of the bride and the groom. As you can see on the pictures I have several proposals for the bride and groom. The more we have the better, because we can just put them not only on the first tab of the album but also inside. Then the album will be beautifully presented.

Additional elements, ribbons and pearls

As you probably know I love pearls, large and the small, plastic, and the gel. Where there are pearls, there are also ribbons, which I make bows from. They always are perfect in case when we have space in the corner, and the bow beautifully fills this place up.

Box in which you hide album

The last thing we need is a box. We need them nicely wrapped with a paper. It may be the same, which you used to decorate the album with, but not necessarily. Decide yourself. It is important that you do not forget about it. A self-made album has to be nicely presented, and no paper bag will replace the lovely box.


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