My.Kali’s Cover Archive

Left to right: May/June 2016 female martial arts champion Yara Kakish. September/October 2015, Jordanian model Razan as Egyptian signer/actress Ruby
Left to right: March/April 2015 Jordanian Transgender female Sarab. November/December 2014 Christmas illustrations by Mike V. Derderian. September/October 2014 Jordanian alternative band Zaed Naes + —
Left to right: July/August 2014 Lebanese alternative singer Yasmine Hamdan + (promo cover). May/June 2014 Kuwaiti multimedia artist Zahed Sultan
Left to right: March/April 2014 Jordanian blogger and novelist Fadi Zaghmout + (promo cover). January/February 2014 My.Kali’s founder and artivist Khalid Abdel-Hadi
Left to right: January/February 2014 My.Kali’s founder and artivist Khalid Abdel-Hadi (promo cover). November/December 2013 Founder and member of Lebanese alternative band Mashrou Leila, Haig Papazian. September/October 2013 Jordanian alternative singer Nabil Gonzalez.
Left to right: September/October 2013 alternative Jordanian singer and artist Nabil Gonzalez (promo cover). July/August 2o13 Jordanian indie singer Hana Malhas + (Promo cover)
Left to right: May/June 2013 Jordanian actor/comedian Wissam Tobeileh. March/April 2013 Jordan female blogger Roba Al-Assi. January/February 2013 Saudi/Iranian singer Alaa Wardi
Left to right: November/December 2012 Lebanese lead singer of alternative band Mashrou Leila. September/October 2012 Jordanian Actress Lara Sawalha. July/August 2012 Lebanese actress/singer Jana Zeineddine.
Left to right: May/June 2012 Jordanian singer Aziz Maraka + (promo cover). March/April 2012 Jordanian band The Final Wish; Emad Alaeddin, Natasha Dahdaleh, Ibrahim Khries.
Left to right: January/February 2012 Jordanian singer Rania Kurdi. November/December 2011 singer and producer Hanna Gargour. September/October 2011 Jordanian female body builder Farah Malhas.
Left to right: July/August 2011 My.Kali’s founder, artivist Khalid Abdel-Hadi. April/June 2011 Jordanian actress Nadia Odeh. March 2011 Jordanian Actor/singer Rami Delshad
Left to right: February 2011 My.Kali’s 3rd anniversary issue. December 2010, Kuwaiti/Jordanian singer Omar Afuni. November 2010, Jordanian fashion designer Signor Jester.
Left to right: October 2010 Jordanian artist Ahmad. September 2010 British/Sri Lankan socialite Emmanuel Ray. August 2010, Syrian model Ammar.
Left to right: July 2010, My.Kali’s founder Khalid Abdel-Hadi. June 2010 Shamil - Jordan. The Jordanian cucumber by Belgium artist Tom Bogaert.
Left to right: March 2010, Rafic - Jordan. February 2010, The Black Issue. January 2010, South African model Paulo Perestrelo.
Left to right: December 2009 Palestinian/Danish, Hans. October 2009, Faris. November 2009, Italian model Eduardo.
Left to right: September 2009 Syrian model Ammar. August 2009 Turkish singer Cenk Karaferya. July 2009 My.Kali’s founder Khalid Abdel-Hadi.
Left to right: June 2009, Selissa. May 2009 My.Kali’s writer M.J. April 2008 Bulgarian model Georgi Kolev
Left to right: February 2009 My.Kali’s founder, Khalid Abdel-Hadi. January 2009. December 2008 columnist Homo & The City
Left to right: November 2008, having two of My.Kali’s writers Max- Right; M.J. October 2008, Romanian model Florin Sopcu. September 2008, My.Kali’s founder Khalid Abdel-Hadi.
Left to right: August 2008, Hungarian model Ferenc Mate. July 2008, Yanal. June 2008, Italian model Eduardo.
Left to right: May 2008. April 2008. March 2008
Left to right: February 2008 the platform’s 2nd issue after the scandal in late 2007. September 2007, My.Kali’s 1st issue’s cover, which was never released, which has it’s founder, 18-year old Khalid Abdel-Hadi.
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