Day 3: My Keto Story

I worked hard to increase my fat today. I ended up a smidge over on calories, which I want to blame on making sure I got enough fat — but really — I splurged calories on a few glasses of wine. I was hanging out with friends and I chose to indulge — but just a wee little bit, with wine. That’s ok, I hope.

I’m trying to figure out where I am on the road from ketosis (I am in ketosis I think) and keto adapted — which usually takes a few months of consistent keto eating.

Here’s the basics on keto adapted vs ketosis.


FAT INTAKE: 115/125


Damn! Still low on protein. I need to crack that one. I did get my fat up, so yaaay!


Pretty good day. I worked out at a gym for the first time in about 6 months. I felt like a had great energy — just less strength, cuz duh — less muscle after 6 months of barely working out. More on that here.


After dinner, after a glass of wine I did have sugar cravings. So I ate a few nuts. (Note to self — wine is a dangerous game.)


Good day. Easy to stay on track and adding my bulletproof coffee back in really helped me up my fat.

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