Exogenous Ketones 101

What the holy hell kind of science experiment is this?

Exogenous Keytones is a BIG topic — and I think the science is fascinating and perplexing. But frankly, I don’t want this article to be a nine minute read. So I’m going to stick to the basics.

Exogenous keytones are a dietary supplement (introduced in 2014) which allow you to add keytones TO your body through ingestion (eat them).

Exogenous — means these keytones were made outside your body. <EXO — from the outside of your body — rather than the ones you make yourself from stuff inside. GENOUS — where it is made.>

Exogenous Keytones are Beta Hydroxybuterate — which are sold as a ketone salt. There are a few big companies selling them right now, generally as part of a multilevel marketing company.

How does the science work?

I’m gonna refer you to scientists who study this stuff. Here some articles about the science:

The science seems clear. Exogenous keytones can enhance physical performance and enhance mental clarity.

The question remains, does ADDING keytones help you lose weight?

It is the process of turning your fat into keytones NATURALLY by changing your metabolism to being that of a fat burner that is the bedrock concept of the ketogenic diet. Exogenous keytones fall outside that equation.

In theory, adding keytones, just so you can pee them out and test at a higher level of ketosis may not mean you are actually gaining a benefit from those (expensive!) exogenous keytones.

It’s an interesting question. Check out this guy’s less favorable take on it.

My experience with exogenous keytones

I have begun to take a keytone salt sold by the company Pruvit. (I take Keto OS Bio MAX.) It is sweetened with stevia and the stevia taste is not my favorite so I add lemon juice and then it makes a nice tart punch flavor which I love.

So far I have noticed the following after I take them:

  1. Energy increase for a few hours afterward.
  2. Focus level is WAAAY up. I am crystal clear during my previous “afternoon slump.”

Do they help me with weight loss? I don’t know yet. First, I have not really started losing weight just doing ketosis yet (only a week in). Also, I would need to test over time if I lose more weight on ketosis with exogenous ketones and then without.

My friend reports having HUGE results for weight loss once she added exogenous keytones to her ketogenic diet. So, that’s interesting.


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