Keto in Paris?

image via unsplash by Rob Potvin

The last two months in Ketoland have been, well — truthfully — they have been bullshit. My keto story has been subtitled: “Mary is not consistent and full of excuses.”

My adherence to the keto plan has been abysmal at best.

The irony is that after playing with keto for over a year off and on — now suddenly everyone and their uncle is into it and trying it. I am supposed to be the expert but really I feel like I’m the failure story.

Ketosis hasn’t failed. I have failed to stick with the program.

Here’s how it goes: I will do two or three solid days of compliance — carbs under 20, a little hungry but pushing my IF. And then I make an excuse and eat carbs. Not usually hella carbs, but enough to knock me out of ketosis.

Sometimes I say to myslef that I am CHOOSING to do a carb reload. That’s bullshit. I am just choosing to be a slacker. Carb reloading isn’t really legit until you are keto adapted — and I’m not right now.

I need to get serious. I need to do a full month in full ketosis — no carb reloading bullshit (not because carb reloading is bullshit but because I am not doing it the legit way). At least. A FULL. Month.


One of the excuses I have been leaning on to avoid getting serious is a trip I have planned.

7 days in Paris and 5 in England.

It’s my first time in Paris. I want to eat Paris things: bread, croissants, chocolat, baguettes, crepes. CARBS.

So, today is day one of Mary’s Big Travel Adventure. I am not going to try to achieve ketosis on this trip. BUT I am going be sane and not eat every carb in France. I will eat bread and chocolate in normal serving sizes and then — on 12 days — I am going back headfirst into Ketoland without all the bullshit excuses.


Anyone want to hold me accountable? Because frankly — I could use an accountability partner.

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