Week 4: My Keto Story

Travel week. Because I am traveling, I cannot weigh myself with my normal scale. Therefore, no weigh in.

I have been HUNGRY! The increased hunger started the day before I left home, so it is not just because I am”on the road”. I am however eating at different times and not all the “safe” foods I normally eat. I realize that I may be more hungry due to my hormonal cycle. I have read that many women get more hungry at specific stages of their cycle, so that might be part of the picture.

I have been reading up on “carb refeeds” in which ketogenic dieters will drop their fat intake and add healthy carbs for an evening periodically. This seems to be especially beneficial to women who have metabolic and or thyroid issues going on. I’ll post about the science of refeeds once I’ve read and explored a few more sources.

I’ll admit, I am a little worried that I might plateau or slow my progress because of the hunger/change in satiety. BUT since I can’t weigh in, I have no choice but to carry on. Which is probably good.

I’ll be travelling until next Sunday, when I will weigh in, take updated photos and let you know what five weeks of keto looks like.

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