Library-led Welcome sessions and materials 2020/21

Get Started resources and Library led contributions to school and faculty induction

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Asynchronous delivery methods and resources will be prioritised.

The Library has over 40+ online resources that cover a range of topics and levels of interactivity. These are all available for embedding in Blackboard spaces as necessary. There will be additional asynchronous materials available for core topics such as:

  • Podcasts.
  • How-to tutorial blog posts.
  • Downloadable handouts and supporting materials.

Where pedagogically appropriate and where resource is available.

There will also be opportunities for synchronous activities. These might take the form of:

  • A Q&A focused on specific pre-selected topics for a programme/specific cohort.
  • A tailored set of “wrapper” activities that connect asynchronous materials to specific induction topics or events (ie small group sessions focusing on practicing and exploring a specific skill or topic).
  • A tailored set of “wrapper” activities that the Library develops but is delivered by others (ie a set of potential activities/materials that can be used at any time by those involved with the teaching).


For Welcome/Induction/Transition

The Library will focus on delivering to core topics. These are areas that have historically been a focus for Welcome and that can be used as areas to launch students into further study, in addition to general induction to Library services and resources. For example, these might be

  • Library services (SLS/MLE/MRE)
  • Access to Library resources
  • Introduction to key Library staff and sites

Connections to Central WIT events

The Library School/Faculty Welcome talks will reflect the breadth of materials available via the larger “Get Started” communications and resources. There will also be a separate Library-led event during WIT for returning students and PGT. Please keep an eye out!




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