Making the most of academic feedback

A series of resources to help you understand and use your academic feedback to improve your work.

My Learning Essentials
My Learning Essentials
2 min readNov 25, 2020


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Welcome to the My Learning Essentials resource on ‘Making the most of academic feedback’.

Throughout your academic career you will receive a considerable amount of feedback from your tutors and markers. The feedback you receive is one of the most important interactions you will have not only with your tutor, but also with your learning.

We have put together a series of posts linked below to help you:

  • Understand what feedback is and what it’s intended purpose is.
  • The best ways of analysing feedback to make it useful to you.
  • We will also introduce you to strategies you can use to act on feedback as a means to improving your future academic performance.

Throughout the resources there will activities where we will ask you to reflect upon what you know and what you have learnt.

Links to each resource:

The Library’s Student team have also written this post answering your most common feedback questions:

Thank you to our contributors

These resources were created by My Learning Essentials team with additional contributions and support from:

  • Jennifer Rose (Lecturer, Alliance Manchester Business School)
  • Dr Nick Weise (Lecturer, School of Chemistry)
  • Juliette Kendall (Lecturer, School of Medical Sciences)
  • Harsha Parmar (Senior Lecturer, School of Health Sciences)
  • Jason Hui (University of Manchester Sport)

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