MSc Management: academic writing from start to finish

Supporting materials

Learning outcomes

After engaging with this support, you will be able to:

Suggested online resources

Session content

Introduction (Slides 1–2)

Highlight the support available in Blackboard (Slide 3)

Before you start to write (Slides 4–5)

Activity 1 — Mentimeter (Slide 4–5)

RAFT — Before you start to write continued…..(Slides 6–10)





Consider the question


Structuring your assignment — overview and introduction (Slides 14–17)

What the introduction should do.

What is the role of the conclusion and how do you ensure it is effective? (Slides 18–20)

Activity: Mentimeter

Body text & useful resources (Slides 21–33)

Referencing? What’s it good for? (Slides 34–43)

Activity: Discussion + Mentimeter

Harvard referencing — quote, summarise or cite?

Quoting, summarising and citing


Activity: Minute paper

UML referencing guide and reference management software (Slide 44–45)

Editing and proofreading (Slide 46–48)

Activity: Mentimeter

Proofreading strategy (Slides 49–50)

Did you find this session useful (Slide 51)

Direct to further support available, MLE and Drop ins. (Slide 52–53)




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