Eine schöne Stadt- Greifswald

Day trip from Berlin to Greifswald 14.05.2022

On the Baltic Sea coast, Greifswald is one of the prettiest towns in Germany. It is located on the Ryck River, between the islands of Rügen and Usedom on the Greifswalder Bodden, and primarily attracts guests who love peace and culture. Greifswald is located in the northeastern part of Germany, in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Germany’s two largest cities, Berlin and Hamburg, are each about 250 km away from Greifswald. This makes it a great day trip destination from both the cities. The Polish border is about 80km from this city.

It was my birthday week, so we decided to drive from Berlin to Greifswald. It took us about a three-hour trip one way to get there. However, the trip was well worth it. Our journey took us through picturesque yellow fields of rapeseed. Find the youtube video link below for the spectacular town of Greifswald.

Greifswald is an ancient but exciting Hanseatic city. Its old town is filled with historic houses and cobblestone streets. So, we drove straight towards the city center and asked a local about a parking place to park our car. Interestingly we got parking near the city center at a very cheap rate of 2 euros for 24 hours. The parking place’s name is Martin-Andersen-Nexö-Platz. Buses are the means of public transport here. Although you can walk around the city, as it is very small.

TIP: In my opinion, one day is enough to see the city. the trick is to start early from your city and reach here by 9–10 am in the morning and as the days in summer are long, spend the evening chilling at the beach and then travel back.

So let’s start exploring the city! Here is the list of places you can visit in the Greifswald city:

  1. The old town of Greifswald: That’s where you begin your walk to explore this historic town. Because of its striking brick buildings, the historic core of the city is also called the Red-Brick heart of the city. Address:17489 Greifswald
The old town of Greifswald I Photo credit: Vrushali Sambare

2. Marketplace in Greifswald: The marketplace is located in the historic old town of the city and consists of the main market, some cozy restaurants, and a fish market, which is connected by the town hall. It was built around 1300. The sun was shining bright and we had an amazing time walking around this place. Address:17489 Greifswald

Market place in Greifswald I Photo credit: Vrushali Sambare

3. Greifswald town hall: The colorful red brick town hall of Greifswald is from the 14th century and is located in the Center of the Hanseatic town. The Red building of the town hall is the main attraction of the square. Address: Markt 1, 17489 Greifswald

Greifswald town I Photo credit: Vrushali Sambare

4. Gabled houses in Greifswald: The old city center is surrounded by the Gabled houses and they are preserved in their original form. I loved clicking pictures in front of this stunning architecture. Address: Markt, 17489 Greifswald

Gabled houses in Greifswald I Photo credit: Vrushali Sambare

5. Churches in Greifswald are I. Cathedral St. Nikolai II. St. Mary’s Church III. St. Jacobi Church Greifswald: St. Nikolai Cathedral is the largest of three churches in Greifswald. Its tower rises 100 m above the city and is the symbol of the city. I would say it’s the main attraction of the old town of Greifswald.

Cathedral St. Nikolai I Photo credit: Vrushali Sambare

6. Museum Harbor Greifswald: is the most relaxing place to have some chill vibes while seating in the riverside cafes and boat restaurants. Everyone gathers at the harbor for the “gaff rig fishing festival” at least once a year, always on the third weekend in July. At any time of the year, the city port is worth a visit. You can also book some Boat tours around Greifswald. Address: Hafenstrasse 31, 17489 Greifswald

Museum Harbor Greifswald I Photo : Vrushali Sambare
Museum Harbor Greifswald I Photo credit: Vrushali Sambare

7. Eldena Monastery: Cistercian monks founded the Monastery in 1199 on the Hilda River, today it's known as the river Ryck. This is one of the must-see places in Greifswald for the nicely preserved ruins. Address: At the monastery ruins, 17489 Greifswald

Eldena Monastery I Photo credit: Vrushali Sambare

8. Strandbad Eldena: After visiting Eldena Monastery, I recommend visiting Eldena beach which is just a 10mins drive away from the ruins. I would say end your day here while relaxing on the calm beach. The super cool water makes the beach walk worth remembering. Address: Yachtweg, 17493 Greifswald

Strandbad Eldena I Photo : Vrushali Sambare

9. University of Greifswald: The University of Greifswald is Europe’s oldest university, founded in 1456. We have just over-passed it and the bright white building felt so interesting. Address: Domstrasse 11, 17489 Greifswald

10. Greifswald Zoo: On the outskirts of Greifswald city center, there is an animal park that covers an area of ​​approx. 3.6 hectares. We haven't been there due to time restrictions, but I am sure it will be worth a visit. Address: Plant 3, 17489 Greifswald

Thanks for stopping by… Keep traveling!




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