Letter to God — 12

Hi God!

Wow. Today has been pretty intense. I experienced some grieving emotions during the Malala film. Intellectually, I understand that You feel I’m worthy and that I’m contributing to the whole, but I definitely connected with the emotion of feeling shame and not very worthy. I felt shame for having turned my back on so much suffering and events here on the planet. I felt totally unworthy in Malala’s presence as she seemed to possess much of Your Love. I understand now the really dramatic reactions the spirits in the hells have when they see the light of Your Celestial Children. I felt like a person in the hells. Sometimes this planet can seem that way, given how we treat it and each other. Thank You for helping me in any way You can in feeling these emotions. There is still so much darkness on our planet. — how man has gone so far astray from what I’m coming to know that You intended.

God, I’d like to try and connect with my friend L__ if she needs help. I’d love to be able to help her if she resides in any of the spheres outside of Your divine home. Hopefully, You had the chance to delight in her laughter and her voice when she was here. She had a really amazing voice. I think she could’ve given Whitney a run for her money had she given herself the chance to mature.

I want to help these people so badly God. I hate to see a soul suffer. I understand that they may have consequences to work through with any laws that they’ve broke, but I really struggle with the fact that we as a whole have no way of even conceiving how to connect with You. It’s odd that we would get this so wrong. The process of giving You love and receiving love is the most natural I could imagine.

I learned tonight that my Uncle M__ passed. I’d like to work to help him as well. I anticipate he may have some work to do, but I don’t know this for sure, as I don’t know how he spent his days up to the end. When the time comes, I’d love any guidance or assistance You can provide as I try and help him. Hopefully others will be able to assist him even before I can.

I met a guy at the movie theater today. At first I just thought he was cute, but I started to wonder if he might be my soulmate. I asked my Guide for help. I got a resounding yes, but I’m having a really hard time accepting that answer, as I feel like I’m personally clouding the message. So, I went back and slipped him a note with my number. Who knows if he’ll call, or even if he’s gay. My heart has long yearned for a soulmate. I should say yearned for my soulmate. I’d love assistance in finding him. I’m so very happy with this part of Your Design especially as I honestly cannot wait for this to occur.

Please know that I love You deeply. Thank You for everything.