Letter to God — 15

Hey God!

I love You! I have tried to keep my thoughts on You more today. I continue to read in the Padgett Messages¹ that there should be a longing and a focus on prayer and contemplation. I hope that You can feel my sincere longing. I realize You may feel the feeling wane at various points in the day, but hopefully that doesn’t cause You to doubt my sincerity.

Thank You for the clarity today. Oddly, I just remembered that this morning everything felt so uncertain and unsure. I was questioning everything. I’d like to think that I received some perspective, even if I don’t know what it is. I will say that I definitely feel more at peace.

I’m curious about something being described in the Padgett Messages. It says that after Amon and Aman², You withdrew the ability for man to receive Your Divine Love. At first I thought I was misreading, but I’ve seen mention made of this several times. I’m not sure I understand Your Rationale for this. Would it not have been possible for others to obtain it, if they had been seeking it? Were Your Feelings hurt by this?

For the record, I’m sorry if I’ve ever hurt Your Feelings. I shudder to think what my beliefs were and stance toward you as a teenager and in my early 20’s. I’m happy beyond measure that I’ve discovered your truth. While at times I don’t feel like I’m progressing, I’m very happy to be on this path.

Another question — and this might sound silly, but is the earth flat? Don’t laugh! I watched something today and then caught the word firmament in the Padgett Message. I don’t think it’s a strange coincidence.

Also, I’d like to share a big thank you for Your Beauty and Love of nature. I cannot wait to get out in the country in the Celestial Spheres. It’s hard for me to even imagine how amazing these scenes must be.

With all my heart, thank You for everything! Thank You for my Guides! Thank You for all of Your Help in opening my soul.

I love You! XO.



¹ In 1914 James Padgett, an attorney, began to receive messages from spirits through automatic writing. Over nearly ten years he recorded some 2,500 messages from spirits, most notably, messages from Jesus and other Celestial Spirits about Divine Love and the path to the Father through prayer. http://thepadgettmessages.org/padgett-messages/

² Amon and Aman were the first parents. The first human couple that God placed on this planet (Adam and Eve).

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