Letter to God — 16

Hi God!

I believe that I may have assisted a spirit tonight named Sam. Either that or I have a very active imagination and really like to use the F-word. :-) Please try and help Sam in whatever way You can. I’m still coming to understand and grasp Your Laws and I’m not sure outside of removing the cause of his sins what You might do.

I really struggled today with feeling a sincere longing for You. I definitely thought about it, multiple times in fact, but I could never seem to move into that emotional state and get out of my head.

I’m also struggling with something in the Padgett Messages. Maybe it will clear itself up as I continue to read. All the spirits tell Padgett to continue to seek Your Love and pray in earnest. That Your Divine Love will transform the soul. I have yet to read any discussion of releasing emotions and releasing causal emotions¹. It’s left me to wonder — for someone like myself — who’s very stuck in their head — should I focus all of my energy on turning to You in prayer? I think I’m getting the answer now. We cannot receive the greater quantities of Your Divine Love until we deal with these blocking emotions and addictions.

I’m thinking of sending Jesus and Mary a donation tomorrow. Would You have any objection with this? It’s hard to imagine that You would, but while we’re talking, I thought that I might ask.

I’m still at odds over the issue of what to do about the earth changes. As I apply for these jobs, most are located in Bellevue which means that I could move west of Bellevue, however I don’t know if even that distance will be sufficient. There’s also a part of me that isn’t sure that I’d want to deal with all of the fallout if something does occur. These are interesting times indeed. I just had the notion to connect with a spirit from Atlantis and discuss their experience. Any recommendations on who I should talk with?

I’ll leave this last section to tell You that I genuinely look forward to building this relationship with You. I so look forward to one day discovering what You were thinking and feeling as You designed flowers and the bees. I’ve found such fascination in them both this season. Oh by the way, are there seasons in Heaven? I anticipate the answer is no, but thought I’d ask.

Please continue to keep me in Your Thoughts and Love. I’m trying to get out of this head space and into my heart and emotions, but as You know I’m finding it a bit difficult.

Love You. Sweet dreams. XO.


¹ I’ve since listened to a discussion where Jesus says that he and other Celestial Spirits did discuss Padgett’s emotions with him, but he destroyed these messages as they were too personal in nature.