Letter to God — 17

Hey there God!

I’ve enjoyed this quiet time of reflection at the close of this evening. I also thought how lucky I feel to have taken this time for this sabbatical and to have found You and Your Path. I should also say to have found Jesus and Mary, as they’re the reason I know of Your Path.

It’s unfortunate that more people are not open enough to look past their dogma around Jesus and instead focus on the content of his messages. The more I come to know of the spirit world, the harder this task seems, if so many are still so heavily engaged with their beliefs there.

I started applying for jobs today. It’s odd how the feeling of getting back to work has just swept over me. I look forward to the social interactions, and I also look forward to the opportunity to test out my new truth and emotional skills. I know that’s not always going to be easy to deal with. I think I’ll be able to do ok with the truth piece (and greatly look forward to this style of honesty); I’m just not sure how the emotional piece will shake out.

Listening to a video interview with Jesus tonight I was reassured about the way to You. He provided that I don’t have to be perfect to receive Your Love, I simply need to be humble and in a place of truth — whatever the truth of my condition is. I found this reassuring because sometimes I forget and it all seems very difficult, and as though I’m making very little progress. Accessing my emotions — other than contentment and happiness — are still proving a challenge for me. It’s because of this challenge that I feel like it’s hard.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m praying to You correctly. It can be hard for me to do it from an emotional standpoint. I’m still very heavily invested in my mind. I’d love to change this though and lead with my soul — with Your and my Guides help. Additionally, I’d love to continue to develop my spirit senses. While some might make focus and concentration a bit more difficult, I think that it would help me interact more correctly if I was able to see the emotional state of someone, or the spirits that are hanging around them.

God, help me to love like You Love. Help me to see people and situations in the light of Your Truth. Help me understand how I can best be of service to these people. I so desperately want to help and I’m striking out pretty hard core so far. I have a feeling that I’ll be able to convince some people once I’m in the spirit world, but as I read more of the Padgett Messages my conviction around this goal even wanes. It doesn’t make sense to me that people can be so closed with their belief systems. I suppose if I’m honest, I suffer from the same.

It just sucks that their beliefs are in this time preventing them from seeing the truth and their own path to salvation. I’ll fight for them till the end if You’ll let me.

Please keep me in your Thoughts and Tender Love. I feel like I’m trying, but I imagine that there’s still room for continued prayer and focus. I love You bunches. Sweet dreams!