An Open Letter to Andrew Rees, President of Crocs

This is a quote from an email sent to Crocs today. My wife has been fighting with the customer service department of Crocs in order to get our 3 children new summer shoes. Andrew Rees was a brand consultant an now is the President of the Crocs operation, based on his LinkedIn profile:

Never again. Never going to do an online order with Crocs again.
You know what is offensive: a customer support person who doesn’t understand that we paid money for something that we could have gotten locally and acts like we are putting them out.
If the kids didn’t like their Crocs so much, we would be done with the overpriced pieces of plastic altogether.
Maybe Payless, Target or Wal-Mart makes a knock off that would be just as suitable. Either way, this is likely why they had to close their Annapolis store. This company thinks no one will ever leave them. Guess what, no one wants to pay $30 for 2 molded pieces of plastic that come from Mexico or China.

In summary, suck it