Introducing My Meeting Video Web & Desktop 2.0

Apr 12, 2018 · 3 min read

We’re so excited to reveal a brand new version of our web and desktop app, coming to you very soon. So what’s new?

Call someone directly

You can now call video addresses straight from your browser. Just type in the person’s video address in the search bar, hit enter and now you can call them.

Receive incoming calls

Receive incoming calls in your browser, be it from a colleague or someone inviting you to join a room. Answer in one click.

Star contacts and rooms

Star rooms and contacts in your browser and they’ll end up in a special list on top of your list of recent calls.

See your recent calls

See a list of recent calls in your browser, be it when you’ve called someone or when someone has called you. We’ll also show you any missed calls that you’ve had.

Improved participant list

We’ve rewritten the engine that powers the participant list, and it’s now significantly faster. 🚀

Web features coming to your desktop app

  • Upgraded user interface for the entire desktop app
  • See the participant list outside of and during a call
  • Share a link to a room for other people to join
  • Start or stop a streaming or recording sessions during a call
  • Join a call in audio + presentation only mode
  • Enable or disable your camera before or during a call

Better window handling in desktop app

We’ve significantly improved window handling in the desktop app, now you’ll switch to a smaller, floating window if you switch to a different app while you’re in a call.

We’ve also provided you with the option to toggle the main window to Float on Top so the main window stays on top of all your other windows.

Ready for the future

Having been written from the ground up, My Meeting Video 2.0 lets you get access to the latest features on both web and desktop at the same time, no matter which of the two apps you prefer using.

What do you think about the latest changes? As always, feel free to let us know at


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Pexip App Updates

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