My Meeting Video Android v.2.1

We’ve been hard at work improving My Meeting Video the last few months. After releasing our 2.0 version we received lots of great feedback from you both in person and to our feedback email.

One of our most requested features has been to make it easier to see who is participating in a call with you and to be able to better control your meetings.

So what’s new in this release?

For all rooms

See a list of your call participant while you’re in a call in a room

Open up your call’s participants list to see who else is in the call.

Share a link to join the call while in a room

Ever wanted to invite someone to join your current call while in a room? Now you can. Just open up the participants list and tap the more options icon.

For your personal room

Control meetings in your room

We’ve added several ways to get into your room’s participant list.

  1. Enter the participant list during the call

2. Enter the participants list while you’re not in the call from the rooms tab

3. Enter the participant list from your call history with a room

4. Enter the participant list from the new My Meeting Video widget in one tap from outside the app

Mute or unmute someone who’s making noise

Disconnect someone in the room

Lock and unlock the room

Use the room widget for easy access to your room’s participant list and inviting someone by dialling

We wanted to go one step further in making it even easier for you to invite someone to your room by dialling and to access the participant list without having to enter the app first.

Other changes

  • The number of participants in your room is now displayed in the rooms tab
  • Whenever you open the app, we’ll try to detect if someone is in your room and alert you with a system notification

Getting rid of background noise and muting participants upon joining

While working on this release we’ve also spoken to many of you and received feedback that it’s often difficult to find out which meeting participant is creating unwanted background noise, and that it would be helpful to be able to mute participants by default when they join your calls. We’re working on a solution to this, stay tuned!

As always, if you have any feedback for us, feel free to send us an email at

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