My Meeting Video iOS 2.2 — Meeting Room Mode

In this release we’re launching Meeting Room Mode on iOS. Meeting Room Mode lets you place an iPhone or iPad permanently in a physical meeting room where it will display ongoing and upcoming Videxio, Skype for Business, Bluejeans, Webex, Spark, Pexip and Zoom meetings and lets you join them just by pushing one button.

To start using Meeting Room Mode, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Open your device’s calendar app
  2. Add a new calendar account for the meeting room you’d like to add
  3. Select the physical meeting room’s calendar address that you’d like to display meetings from
  4. Install the latest version on the app (2.2+) on an iPad or iPhone
  5. Open the app and log in as a company administrator
  6. After you’ve logged in, grant access for My Meeting Video to fetch meetings from your calendar (a popup will appear after installation).
  7. Tap the settings button in the lower right corner
  8. Select Calendar and ensure the physical meeting room is selected.
  9. Enable Meeting Room Mode.
  10. Select the video system in the meeting room where you’d like to permanently place the device
  11. All done! Attach your device to either outside your meeting room’s door or inside near the video system within reach of the meeting participants

Other improvements

  • We found a few small issues the app had if you used an iPhone X. We fixed them
  • If you tried to join as a guest for the first time, you couldn’t join a room without tapping on the video address input field first. Now you can join without tapping the video address input field.
  • We improved in-call performance by upgrading to the latest version of WebRTC

Hope you like Meeting Room Mode for iPad and iPhone. If you have any feedback on this guide or the release, please send us an email at