Choose to answer with audio only, or on video on Android (declining is an option too!)

Receive incoming calls on your phone

The My Meeting Video mobile app is great for collaborating on the road. You can easily access your calendar, join meetings, and call your team in a single tap. From today onwards you’ll be able to receive incoming video calls on your phone just like a regular phone call.

Whilst consumer video apps can be great for keeping up with family and friends, but they don’t always provide the quality you need. The video and audio quality isn’t always as reliable as you might need for a crucial last-minute work calls. Additionally, security for many of the consumer apps we’re used to is not always designed for business users in mind. Not only that, but you may not have your work colleagues and professional contacts listed in some of your personal apps.

With incoming calls on My Meeting Video, your professional video conferencing experience can extend from the office to your car, home, coffee shop, airport, or anywhere else you might need to work.

When you’re logged into your My Meeting Video account on your phone, you’ll see live incoming calls notifications displayed on your phone’s lock screen, even if your phone is asleep. So whether a colleague is calling you directly or adding you to a live group meeting, you’ll be notified in real-time so you can join quickly and easily. Never miss out on a critical conversation or meeting again.

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