Web Interface Updates May 2017

May 19, 2017 · 5 min read

A few months ago we introduced our new web-experience for all of our users. Since then we’ve received lots of feedback from users from all around the world. Based on that feedback, here’s our latest batch of improvements.

Shortcuts to easily join using Skype for Business or video hardware

We received feedback that joining through Skype for Business took a few too many steps, so now you can open the room in Skype for Business in just one tap on Windows!

You can now join with Skype for Business in one tap on Windows, and through video hardware in two.
Joining Skype for Business on Windows opens the room and lets you know where to tap to join

Similarly, joining through video hardware now only requires two steps, click the video hardware icon, and then choose the manufacturer of your video system/endpoint.

For room controllers: We’ve made the link to your rooms less dominant

If you’re an administrator or a room owner, we received feedback that the link in the middle of the screen was a bit too dominant. We’ve made some adjustments and are moving it to the top of the screen along with the rest of the room controls. Don’t worry, you still have access to it and the advanced room information.

The link to your room is now in the top left!

Inviting participants to the room by dialling is easier than ever

We had some users tell us that adding someone by dialling out from a room took a few too many steps. We’re solving this in two ways:

First, there’s now a plus button during the call which gives grants you quick access.

Inviting someone by dialling is easier than ever

Secondly: There’s now two tabs when inviting someone, the first is by dialling and the second is by sharing a link. We default to dialling.

You can now install the screen sharing extension during the call

We received feedback that some users missed the warning that they should install the screen sharing browser extension before they join the room. That’s ok. We know you and your guests are in a rush to join the meeting. To help your guests with this, we’re now allowing users to install the extension during the call!

Now you can install browser extensions during the call too! 🎉

Many other improvements

  • In-call icons will now be displayed as active states instead of the states on press. This means that if your camera is on, the button will not have a line through it. If your microphone is not muted, it will not have a line through it. The lock button will appear locked while the room is locked and unlock while the room is unlocked. This also applies to the mute icons in participants in the the participants list. Tooltips will let you know what happens when you click the buttons
  • We’ve simplified the interface on mobile for both guests and logged-in users when you open a link to a room on your phone.
The room interface when joining from a mobile phone
  • When your camera is on while your self-view is hidden, the button will now display “Show self-view” in the button and “Your camera is on” in the tooltip
  • We’ve made it easier to invite someone to your room by dialling on phones, the button to dial now appears at the bottom of the screen and sticks as you scroll down
New button to dial at the bottom on mobile
  • Tooltips when hovering over buttons in the interface now look better and appear instantly!
Tooltips look nicer and appear instantly!
  • Improved the menu to give you more space to tap on items on mobile and desktop
More spacious menu, easier to tap on mobile devices
  • Much better instructions on how to join Skype for Business manually when on MacOS. There’s even a button to open the room address in one click (as long as Skype for Business is the only video app you have installed)!
Joining manually with Skype for Business for Mac now has three easy to follow steps
  • Muting your microphone no longer gets in the way during presentations. We now display the microphone muted symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen or on top of your self-view whenever your self-view is not hidden or your camera is disabled.
Your microphone is muted indicator is now on top of your self-view in the bottom right corner
  • We went a bit overboard with the size and border-thickness of the in-call buttons. We have now trimmed them down to an appropriate size. 📐
In-call buttons, before and after
  • Many other small improvements and bugfixes. Lots of bugfixes. 👾

We hope you like the changes we’ve made. As always, please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think of the improvements and what you’d like to see next by e-mailing us at feedback@mymeetingvideo.com.


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Pexip App Updates

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