Handmade Notebooks from Discarded Papers

Notebooks have been used for various purposes such as drawing, writing and recording ideas or memories by many artists, scientists, and philosophers through the ages. Here there are several types of notebooks with the combination of various colors, shapes and sizes. They are simple, imperfect and different than usual industrial notebooks, but more importantly, they are from trash.

Trash is an inevitable part of the people’s production and consumption practices. It is a very common concept from rural areas to developed cities, from ancient societies to modern ones. It is not wanted, thrown away, and kept away. It is considered as useless and disgusting. Contrary to the common approach “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

With the collaboration of many people, discarded papers are collected from different places. This time, they are not thrown away. They are collected and saved. Later they are transformed to notebooks by hand with traditional methods.

This project re-imagines, re-considers and re-thinks the notion of trash. Here, the purpose is not to build an object that is produced from discarded materials in order to watch it from the distance. The important thing is to interact with it instead of avoiding it in order to explore new dimensions. Therefore, this project calls people to readmit the trash to their life through freely given away notebooks at various frequently visited places. In this way once thrown out materials would find a place in the community.

For details please visit project website.

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