Before I’ve preordered a Surface Laptop Microsoft has another hardware event this month

Since Tuesday’s unveiling of the Surface Laptop I have been toying with he idea of preordering one. There have been a few things holding me back, I feel the RAM is lower than it really should on the affordable versions and then the more expensive versions become much harder to justify. But, the biggest hesitation I have is what if I regret getting one once Microsoft announce the next version of the Pro and/or Book.

Well come May 23rd I’ll know whether I would have regretted preordering a Laptop as Microsoft have scheduled another big event for this Month. The Verge has been told to expect new hardware and Panos has tweeted about the event even including “#Surface”.

What hardware will be announced is at this point a mystery (hopefully there won’t be any leaks this time round) but its widely expected that we’ll see the Pro 5, an incremental update to the Pro 4. An update to the Book is less expected but does make sense and is overdue.

I’ve not seen any indication of how big this event might be but it is taking place in Shanghai and that’s unusual. This change of venue perhaps suggests Microsoft has something different to unveil. Just incremental updates to the Pro and Book lines don’t really warrant the event taking place in China. Unless, of course, they’ll launch there at the same time as the US.

I’m not expecting the Surface Phone though.

I’ve written previously that I think Surface should be more modular, perhaps we’ll see a convergence of the Pro and Book lines?

What are you hoping for from Microsoft’s 3rd big event of May.

P.S. How amazing is it that Microsoft has 3 such big events in 1 month. I don’t recall ever having this much major Microsoft news to contend with. Then after May it’ll be E3 before we know it!