Inspired by Fluent Design: Vol. 2

Earlier this week I wrote an article showcasing some great concepts inspired by Microsoft’s new Fluent Design System, I’ve now found some more great concepts.

I can see this becoming a regular feature.

Acrylic Overlay by Md. Shamsuddin

From Dribbble.

This concept shows off the acrylic material effect and how it could be used as an overlay on top of a picture. It’s a simple demonstration but I can see something like this being added to apps to improve their appearance (hopefully devs would consider how UWP apps would work on mobile where hovering isn’t a thing.)

Email App by Pierre Marais

From Dribbble.

This email app concept builds upon the one by Ghani Pradita I showed in the previous post. Whilst very similar to the previous email app concept this is probably closer to the existing email client in Windows 10 so is perhaps closer to the final thing we might see later this year. Note the icons and arrangement of elements within the sidebar.

Slack app by Murathan

From Dribbble.

The designer of this Slack app admits to not knowing much about the Fluent Design System but instead has looked at other Fluent designs. I think this actually works well as a Fluent inspired app, I really like the look of the “preview” section with the image that extends beyond the sidebar it is within.

It would be great if Microsoft Teams is updated to make use of some elements of the Fluent Design System.

Skype app by Songmaxx

From Dribbble.

Continuing the theme of having content overflow outside of a container this Skype app concept has the whole chat part of the app extend beyond the window.

From these concepts I am really liking the way in which content extends outside the bounds of the window, I think it looks really good and draws attention to keys parts of the app. The same can be said for the use of the acrylic material that is used sparingly on less important aspects of the apps, like the navigation sidebar. It could be easy to over use the acrylic material but here it really looks good, hopefully app developers will take note of this. Obviously actually using apps that make use of these designs elements will be the real test though.

I hope to do more of these Inspired by Fluent articles so stay tuned, until the next one you can check out all my Fluent articles.